Former Pro Wrestler David Cash Makes MMA Debut at Age 47

November 5, 2016

Under the Kid Kash moniker, David Cash professionally wrestled for many of the top organizations in the world, with stints in ECW, WCW, TNA and the WWE. But throughout all the time he was wrestling, Cash also had an eye towards combat sports.

Initially having been trained in boxing starting at age seven, Cash quickly added Aikido, wrestling and other disciplines to his game.

Several years after he last fought in smoker matches, recently retired from pro wrestling, Cash is set to make his pro MMA debut at this Saturday’s Valor Fight event.

“Periodically over the years I trained wherever I lived I had an MMA gym that I went to,” Cash told “I’ve always just trained. So I’ve been going to MMA gyms for years.

“In between years of my wrestling career, I’ve did a lot of tournaments: boxing tournaments, NAGA tournaments, point-contact tournaments. Now that I’m retired from wrestling, I just want to do it again. I just want to have that feeling, I guess you can say.”

While Cash may just now be getting into his pro MMA career, if the sport had been a viable option when he began wrestling, his life might have gone a different way.

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“But back in the day MMA wasn’t that big of a deal, and you hardly got paid anything for it,” said Cash. “Wrestling just kind of dropped in my lap. I was already athletic. I was already good at it, it just kind of fit for me at the time.

“Wrestling was the one that made the money for me, but if MMA would have made the same kind of money back in the day, I definitely would have stayed with the MMA world.”

For his pro debut, Cash (0-0) will take on fellow debuting Lindsey Jones (0-0) in a main card 170-pound bout at Valor Fights 38 in Nashville, Tennessee, this Saturday night.

“I’m not expecting to go in there and just take anything, honestly,” Cash said. “I am 47 years old, and Lindsey’s 24, so I’m definitely going to have to work for it.

“I think my experience and my heavy hands will take over, honestly, and I believe I will beat him. I’m not taking this kid for granted at all. I’ve been training harder than I ever think I have, really.”

Now that he has shifted his focus to MMA, Cash does want to continue fighting, but harbors no illusions of where it may lead to.

“I’m not naive to think that at 47 that I can rack up five or six wins in a year,” said Cash. “There’s no way my body can that kind of training, schedule and the fighting and stuff like that.

“I’m not looking to go to the UFC or really fight for any titles. I’m just fighting for the love of what I love to do.”

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