Former NBA Bust Darko Milicic Had His First Kickboxing Match and It Didn’t End Well

December 21, 2014


If you remember our post a few months ago about Darko Milicic, you’ll recall we gave him a pretty hard time about thinking he can go from NBA washout to competitive kickboxer. And we were pretty forward about it.

But we now live in a world where the UFC, an organization that regularly advertises itself as the destination for the best MMA fighters in the world, signs a guy with zero fighting experience in CM Punk. They probably hope Punk helps their struggling pay-per-view numbers, and the move screams “business decision.” So if the UFC gets a pass with that call, so does Darko. Sorry, bruh. Kickbox all you want and much success to you. *fist bump*

By the looks of it, Darko’s kickboxing career didn’t start out so well. He recently had his first fight and suffered a pretty nasty cut that forced a stoppage to the fight via TKO. So much for our blessings.

To the footage!

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