September 17, 2010

by Brandon New for MMAWeekly.com (Photo courtesy of King of the Cage/Monstro Photos)

Tony “Kryptonite” Lopez wants to make a statement, unfortunately for Alliance team member Jason Lambert, he had to find that out the hard way what that statement is.

Lopez agreed to fight Lambert with less than one week’s notice. He received a phone call from his manager on a Monday telling him that there was a chance to fight the upcoming Saturday. The fight wasn’t officially confirmed until Wednesday. Fortunately for Lopez he had lost ten pounds since he first heard of the opportunity.

Due to bulking up for his last fight at heavyweight the cut to light heavyweight became an issue. Being the professional that he is, Lopez not only made weight, he came in one pound under. In a five-day span Lopez lost 26 pounds and regained most of it back by fight time.

A big knee to Lambert’s chin in the second round resulted in Lopez gaining the victory.

Now he has his sights set on the future and one fighter in particular. That man is Brandon Vera.

“Vera’s coach, Manny Rodriguez, has already sent two of his guys to me, (Joey) Beltran and Lambert. Why not a third? Isn’t it three strikes and you’re out? So why not another team member? Maybe then he’ll stop sending his guys to get their asses beat.

“At one time Vera said he wanted to be the light heavyweight and heavyweight champion at the same time. Since that’s never going to happen, how about fighting someone that has?”

Lopez added, “There is only one champ and I’m him, send me to any organization and I will take the belt.”

After holding both the light heavyweight and heavyweight titles simultaneously for King of the Cage and appearing on “Bully Beatdown,” Lopez wants his shot at the elite.

“I want to fight the best… (Brock) Lesnar, Anderson Silva. I want to prove myself to be the best. I applied to be on UFC 4 when I only weighed 178 pounds and I’m six-foot-five. They said I was too skinny. I’d take on heavyweights even if I weighed 170. I like the old school rules. It tested your skills more and it’s more like a real street fight.

“Dana White, give me a chance and put me in the UFC.”

Tony Lopez is a man on a mission and he hopes that mission will start with Brandon Vera.