Former Champ Evander Holyfield Believes Mayweather vs. McGregor Was Stopped Early

Following Floyd “Money” Mayweather‘s 10th-round stoppage of UFC champion Conor McGregor on Saturday, a lot of people thought the fight was stopped prematurely. McGregor said it during the event’s post-fight press conference. MMA fighters flooded Twitter with criticism of the stoppage after the fight. 

Four-time boxing heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield shared the opinion that the referee intervened prematurely and thought the fight should have continued until McGregor was knocked down.

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather“I personally think that (the referee) should have waited until (McGregor) got knocked down,” Holyfield told Fight Hub TV following the fight at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. “Until you knock him down, you just don’t stop a fight.”

Holyfield expected the outcome. While recognizing that McGregor is a “tough guy,” the boxing legend felt that boxing is a different game than MMA and poses different challenges.

TRENDING > Conor McGregor Feels Ref Stopped Floyd Mayweather Fight Too Early

“I knew that McGregor is a tough guy. Anybody in (the UFC) is tough. They get hit with elbows, knees, and all this. They get choked. That’s quite different,” he said. 

“I knew that he had to be in great condition and that eventually the tempo that they have in boxing, throwing the arm that many times, I knew that his shoulders were going to get tired.”

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