Forget About Diaz, GSP Now Has to Focus on Carlos Condit

February 7, 2012

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Carlos spoiled the whole thing. If he wins, that means he’s the best man and I want to face the best man. I want to fight the winner. The fans want to see me fight Diaz, I want to fight Diaz. It’s the fight everyone wants to see for a long time. Hopefully it will happen.” ~ Georges St-Pierre on Friday, Feb. 3

Throughout his long and storied UFC career, Georges St-Pierre has made it his business to fight whoever the promotion put in front of him.

He never hand picked opponents and even in his debut fight he faced an ultra-tough fighter like Karo Parisyan.

That’s why it was so out of form for St-Pierre to get visibly angered and ask the UFC for the chance to face former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz. All week leading up to UFC 143, it was hard to watch any UFC video or read any story about the main event that didn’t somehow reference St-Pierre’s desire to face Diaz should he get past Carlos Condit.

The only problem… Nick Diaz didn’t get past Carlos Condit.

Condit defeated Diaz on Saturday night by unanimous decision to become the new interim UFC welterweight champion, and also the top contender to face St-Pierre when he returns.

St-Pierre always knew that was a possibility, but now his hopes of silencing the brash and outspoken Diaz are gone, and he has to turn his attention to Condit instead.

UFC president Dana White knew just how bad St-Pierre wanted the fight with Diaz, but he’s not getting it now. White hopes GSP can focus on Condit with just as much attention because that’s who he’s getting.

“I know he wanted Diaz, he really wanted that Diaz fight bad, but it’s not going to be Diaz. So he better get angry with Carlos Condit or focused on Carlos Condit or whatever it is he needs to do,” White said about the St-Pierre/Condit match-up after UFC 143 was over.

St-Pierre has never struggled with focus outside of his last loss when he faced Ultimate Fighter Season 4 winner Matt Serra, and seemingly overlooked the Renzo Gracie black belt. The result was GSP getting knocked out in the first round.

Since that time, St-Pierre has been as dominant a champion as there has ever been at 170 pounds, but will his emotional let down from not getting to face Nick Diaz come back to bite him?

When St-Pierre comes back later this year to defend his title everyone will find out for sure.

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