For Vinny Magalhaes, WSOF Title Fight with David Branch is Now or Never

October 4, 2016

Coming off of wins in his two previous fights, World Series of Fighting light-heavyweight Vinny Magalhaes was looking to add to his winning streak when he took on Jake Heun this past April.

In a bout that proved to be more difficult than he anticipated in multiple ways, Magalhaes was able to pick up the first ever unanimous decision victory of his 10-year MMA career.

“In those (previous two) fights, those guys had more experience, and they were bigger fights than Jake, and to be honest, I was expecting it to be a little bit easier fight than he was,” Magalhaes told “Not the easiest fight, but easier than he was.

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“But unfortunately in the first round I ended up breaking my hand. I felt I was doing well throughout the fight, but from the second to third round, I started to feel the injury. So it was not an ideal result, as far as me looking for a finish, but it’s still a win, so I’ve got nothing to complain about.”

With all his previous victories coming by finish, Magalhaes feels the injury could have prevented him from keeping that streak going.

“I felt myself popping in the first round, but I didn’t feel any pain really until the second and third round because it stared to get swollen and it definitely started bothering me,” he said.

Vinny Magalhaes at the TUF 8 Finale“When I was in a situation when I had to use my grip, that’s when it hurt really bad. But about 75-percent of the fight, I wasn’t really feeling the injury at all. It sucks because maybe if that wouldn’t have happened, I could have gotten that finish, but it’s still a good result, it’s still a win.”

With his third win in a row behind him, Magalhaes (14-7) now turns his attention towards David Branch (18-3) in their 205-pound co-main event championship bout at WSOF 33 on Friday in Kansas City.

“He did go to a decision in his last fight, but before that he was on a four-fight finishing streak,” Magalhaes said of Branch. “I’m always a guy who is going for the finish. So that’s what I think we’re both going be looking for in this fight.

“I think when I hit him, he’ll become a straight up wrestler and will try to grapple, and that’s what favors me. I think that’s going to be the thing: I’m going to have to hit him a couple of times before taking the fight to the ground, but maybe I won’t even need to take the fight to the ground.”

While picking up a title would add to his career achievements, Magalhaes is at the point in his career where it’s more important for him to win to continue to make MMA financially feasible, lest yet he decide to step away from fighting.

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“I’m coming out to get a win, I’m not thinking about the belt,” he said. “To be honest, I’m not making future plans for a future in fighting. My whole thing is that I’d like to get this win and go from there.

“We’ll negotiate for my next contract after this one. If the offer is not what I want it to go, I’m not going to be fighting anymore. To me it’s like now or never. But for now I’m just looking to win this fight; which could be last; it all depends on what comes after as far as (what kind of contract offer I receive).”

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