For Joe Wilk It’s Submission or Bust at Titan FC 21

Joe Wilk Titan FC 21When Joe Wilk looks back at his year in 2011, he feels that while his mistakes were minimal, they are the kind that could cost him if he has the same ones this year.

“I had a New Year’s resolution to not lose in 2011, and went four out of five,” he said. “That’s not bad, but to get to where I’m going, I can’t be dropping fights. I need to get a winning streak going, and then I think I can get that push to go to the big show.

“I was on TV twice for the first time, and I won both times with the cameras rolling, and that’s very important to me. It’s always been very important to get on television and let people know what I’m about. I want them to know that I’m finisher, and not someone who goes to decisions.”

Wilk told that a big step towards not having losses in the future is for him to learn to control his emotions during a fight.

“If you look at my career losses, in almost every one of those fights, I was completely dominating, but I wasn’t able to control my emotions, control my pace,” he said. “I get in such a hurry to finish sometimes – almost in a frenzy – that I gas myself out or put myself in a bad position, and its cost me in my career.

“I want to be able to control my emotions and still be able to fight at a good pace and be a finisher, but not let it consume me so much that I’m not aware of my breathing and energy expense.”

Wilk’s next opportunity to show that he’s changed will come on Friday night in Kansas City, when he takes on Andrew Carrillo at Titan FC 21 in a 145-pound feature clash on HDNet.

“I’ll tell you my strategy. I want to take him down, beat him up, and finish him with a submission,” said Wilk. “I’m a rare fighter that would rather win by submission than even a big knockout. My goal when I go out there is to fight and use my BJJ to finish fights and be a dominant fighter.

“That’s really what I try to do is take it out of the hands of the judges, and out of the hands of the other fighter, and put it all on me. That’s the path I’ve chosen in my career, and I’m going to stick with what’s gotten me here so far.”

Recently Wilk attended the UFC on Fuel TV 1 event in Omaha, Neb., and feels the experience has given him something to aspire to as he rises up the featherweight ranks.

“When Jake Ellenberger (came out) the place went nuts,” said Wilk. “The roof almost blew off the place and I got goose bumps. I want that same feeling. I want to be the guy with that on my back, bringing a top-notch show to the area where I came up.

“I was definitely inspired by that, and it’s going to make me work harder to obtain my goal.”