Following Conor McGregor’s crushing KO, Floyd Mayweather teases 2020 rematch

UFC president Dana White has been adamant that his new partnership with Floyd Mayweather Jr. has nothing to do with a Conor McGregor rematch. Mayweather may have a different take on the situation.

After McGregor crushed Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in 40 seconds in the UFC 246 main event on Saturday, Mayweather was quick to push out a tease on his Instagram seeming to indicate he wants a rematch with McGregor in 2020.

Much like when McGregor was trying to will the first fight with Mayweather into existence, White has been denying that he’s even entertaining a rematch right now. 

“Floyd is obviously still a huge name, a huge draw. One of the biggest guys in all of boxing right now. I believe that I can add value to him. He believes he can add value to what I want to do. So we pretty much, that day at the basketball game, agreed that we should be doing business together. We’ll probably start talking this summer to get something done,” White said recently.

“Yeah (we are talking about him competing again in boxing), but I think there’s a lot of different things we could do together. But that’s definitely one of them. I think he still believes he’s a big draw. I do too. And we think that together, which we already proved, we could blow it out of the water. And we’ll try to do that again this year.”

White insisted he’s not talking about Mayweather vs. McGregor 2, “Not right now, no. That’s not even what I’m thinking right now. (Even if Conor were to commit to MMA for a while first.)”

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Following UFC 246, White remained elusive when it came to Mayweather, even when confronted with the idea that perhaps Mayweather wants the rematch now as much as McGregor does.

“Floyd is in our plans and we’re in his plans this year and we’ll end up doing something.”

Maybe it’s Mayweather’s turn to will the rematch into existence. Somehow, it doesn’t seem that it would be as much of a stretch as the first fight seemed.