Floyd Mayweather Teases Wrestling Skills Ahead of Setting Rules for Rizin Fight

(Courtesy of Guardian Sport)

Floyd Mayweather shocked the world not by announcing that he was coming out of retirement to fight again, but that he was going to fight undefeated kickboxer and mixed martial artist Tenshin Nasukawa in his return bout, and he would do it under the Rizin FF banner in Japan.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the announcement, however, was the lack of defining the rule set under which the bout would be contested. 

Mayweather has long teased a foray into the Octagon after boxing Conor McGregor, but has always fell short of actually agreeing to do so. When the bout with Nasukawa, who is 4-0 under MMA rules and 27-0 in kickboxing, Mayweather said that they would still have to sit down and figure out the rules the bout would be contested under, but not until he teased, “I can wrestle a little bit. I can box a lot a bit… I can do anything if I set my mind to it.”

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It’s highly unlikely that Mayweather would agree to mixed martial arts rules, particularly since the bout is less than two months away. It’s also unlikely that he would agree to kickboxing rules, since Nasukawa is currently one of the best kickboxers in the world, and Mayweather has never shown that he can throw a kick.

Is this just Mayweather driving the hype train, teasing something more than boxing, before eventually settling on the Marquess of Queensbery rules he is used to?