Floyd Mayweather Confirms Conor McGregor Rumors… That He Started!

Okay, yes, Floyd Mayweather on Saturday confirmed the rumors about a fight with Conor McGregor in an interview with Liftn.com. But if you read the spaces between the words of the master self-promoter, who may or may not be coming out of retirement for a fiftieth fight, he didn’t confirm a fight with McGregor. He confirmed the rumors of a fight.

“It’s possible. It was a name that was shot at me,” Mayweather said in the interview. “The rumors that you all been hearing is the rumors that I started. It may not be a rumor. Keep you all fingers crossed, it may be a boxer versus an MMA fighter.”

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So really, what Mayweather confirmed, was that he started rumors about a boxing match between himself and the UFC featherweight champion… or maybe even some other MMA fighter, he wasn’t really that specific. But at the end of the day, he did not confirm the rumors that he and McGregor have agreed to a fight, have a date set, or anything even sniffing reality.

Let’s face it, with McGregor under contract with the UFC, it is extremely unlikely that McGregor would be allowed to set foot in a ring with Mayweather, even if he did have a death wish to do so.

Here’s the video of Mayweather’s interview, confirming that the rumors are real, the rumors really are rumors!

(Video courtesy of Liftn.com)

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