Floyd Mayweather addresses Logan Paul’s claim that he didn’t get paid: ‘I don’t entertain the bulls**t’ | Video

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has booked another exhibition boxing match. “Money” will face Mikuru Asakura in Japan on an upcoming RIZIN fight card in September.

The announcement was made on Monday during a RIZIN press conference in Las Vegas. During the press conference, Mayweather addressed Logan Paul‘s claim that he was not paid for his exhibition bout against Mayweather in June 2021.

“Logan Paul is the same guy that said that he didn’t get paid, but someone from his team, the guy who actually put the exhibition on, that I was working with, reached out to us and said that Logan Paul wanted to do another exhibition,” Mayweather said.

“This is the same guy that said he didn’t get paid, so you guys have got to start watching these certain individuals clout chasing. You see these guys constantly bringing up Floyd Mayweather’s name on the internet just trying to get clout.”

“The same guy that said he didn’t get paid, which we know that is truly false, so that’s why I don’t even entertain the bulls**t. We know he got paid. If he didn’t get paid he wouldn’t be trying to get another payday.”

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