by Kenny Florian
Kenny Florian sent an e-mail to MMAWeekly.com with his daily diary from Thailand…

May 1, 2006

The progress I made in Thailand is showing up in my training. For me, working out, training to fight and then competing is a job that I love so much. When I am working hard, sweating, bleeding, and crying to get to a higher level, I am happy. My trainers are always looking for ways to challenge me mentally, physically and technically. I know it will soon pay off.

Well, this brings me to my news. I am happy to announce that my next fight will be against Sam Stout on Saturday, June 24th during the Ultimate Fighter Season 3 finale. The fight will be held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and be broadcast live on Spike TV. With Season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter enjoying record ratings, I am excited for the opportunity to fight in front of millions of people.

Originally, Sam and I were supposed to fight at 155 lbs on the UFC 58 (USA versus Canada) card, but unfortunately I had to drop out due to a back injury. Stout ended up fighting and beating Team Militech hot shot Spencer Fisher. Stout is a TKO 155 lbs World Champion from London, Ontario Canada. He is on a 9 fight win streak.

I will be bringing everything into the Octagon to beat him convincingly.

Check out my web site for continuing updates. Thank you all for your support and stay with the Flo!!!

Kenny “KenFlo” Florian