Press Release
Fairtex in association with World black belt Canada
Are proud to present The 1st ever Free Canadian Mixed Martial Arts tryouts

We are happy to announce Fairtex in conjunction with World Black belt Canada will be hosting Canada’s first free mixed martial arts try out. The event is an open evaluation for all athletes looking to compete in mixed martial arts. Viewing the event will be staff from Canada’s premier mixed martial arts promotions and management companies including:

Freedom Fight, TKO, UGC, King of the cage and many more

The event will be recorded and presented to all event promoters unable to attend the live event.

The MMA TRIALS will take place at the Kombat arts training academy in Mississauga Ontario (www.kombatarts.com) on August 12th 2006 starting at 10:30 am.

Fighters on hand will be divided up into weight classes of

(-145lbs,-155lbs,-170lbs,-185lb,-205lbs and over 205 lbs)

Athletes will be evaluated on their skills in all three ranges of combat(Striking, Wrestling & Groundwork) and be asked to engage in modified sparring sessions/live drilling with each other.

Mandatory equipment attendees will need to bring with them includes

Training attire (shorts, t-shirt /rash guard)
Groin protector
Bag glove
shin guards
Mixed martial arts gloves
*event sponsors will provide the remainder of the sparring gear

To register contact -Claude Patrick at REGISTER@GTAMMA.COM

or visit the website at www.GTAMMA.com