First Diego Sanchez couldn’t fight this weekend because of sickness, now it’s another fighter from Season I of the Ultimate Fighter that can’t go. Kenny Florian is out with a bad back. Florian had stiffness in his back on Sunday and he thought it could be better by fight time.

“I felt like my back needed to be cracked on Sunday” Florian told MMAWeekly.com. “I tried to get up and I couldn’t even get up.”

Florian’s back never got better over the next few days. He even tried to have the doctors in Las Vegas look at his back and they would not give him the go to fight this weekend. “It looks like it’s a pinched nerve and back spasms…” Florian told MMAWeekly.

“It’s really frustrating because I lost 20 pounds for this fight. I feel bad for my opponent as well.” It looks as though Sam Stout will not fight as we are just a few days away from UFC 58. This will be the second Canadian fighter that will be left without a fight. John Alessio who was supposed to face Diego Sanchez will not have a replacement to fight Saturday and it apperas Sam Stout is in the same boat.