Firas Zahabi, Tri-Star Team Up with Wimp-2-Warrior to Change Some Lives

April 19, 2018

Wimp-2-Warrior is partnering with one of the most well known gyms in all of mixed martial arts to hopefully change the lives of some everyday people through mixed martial arts.

Head coach Firas Zahabi and Tri-Star Gym in Montreal have teamed up with Wimp-2-Warrior as they begin the search for the people who will participate in the latest version of this program.

What Wimp-2-Warrior does is work with high level fight gyms like Tri-Star and then select a group of everyday men and women to take them on a 22-week journey where they will learn mixed martial arts.

Wimp-2-Warrior has now formed similar partnerships with 20 gyms including Tri-Star as well as Syndicate MMA in Las Vegas and SBG (Straight Blast Gym) in Oregon.

“It is fantastic to see the worldwide surge of martial arts training and we at Tristar gym are very excited to be featuring this life changing program that takes things one step further,” Zahabi said about partnering with Wimp-2-Warrior. “We want to grow our sport by highlighting the best it has to offer, namely the training that translates into emotionally and physically accomplishing your goals while facing your fears.

“So put down your potato chips and close that laptop, it’s time to transform from a wimp…. to a warrior.”

Tri-Star serves as home to numerous top named fighters who will also be helping out during the training process. Former two-division UFC champion Georges St-Pierre calls Tri-Star his home as well as current Bellator welterweight champion Rory MacDonald and a slew of other top ranked fighters who work out of the Montreal based gym.

Applications to participate in Wimp 2 Warrior “Tristar” are now open, with tryouts being held on Sunday, June 3 at Tristar Gym (5275 Ferrier St, Montreal, QC H4P 1L7). The process is open to men and women of all ages and fitness with sign ups available at