MMAWeekly.com Staff

As the
Ultimate Fighting Championship descends on Fayetteville, N.C. and Fort Bragg
for the "UFC
Fight For The Troops"
show on Dec. 10, many of the fighters on the card
have spoken out about the honor they feel for the chance to compete in front of
the military personnel that defend the United States each and every day.


Many of
the fighters have spoken to MMAWeekly Radio recently about what it means to be
involved with the UFC Fight For The Troops show benefiting the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.



"I’m looking forward to a good opportunity to step up
and headline this event.  It’s
going to be a historical event, where the UFC is giving back to the foundation.  It’s just a good honor.  I think the UFC is doing a good thing
and everybody that’s fighting on this card can hopefully put on a great show
for these troops and give them the show they deserve."



"I’ve been a huge supporter of the military.  I’ve been to Walter Reed in D.C., the
hospital there where the troops come back from Iraq who have been shot and had
their limbs severed and stuff like that. I’ve been to a lot of bases and
trained with the Special Forces guys.


"I’m always trying to get to the bases and show
support.  When me
and Kos
found out about this show being Fight for the Troops for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, we
jumped on it.  We were on board
immediately, there was no chance we would not fight on this card."


"These guys I feel are the real heroes.  I get e-mails from them all the time
from Iraq and Afghanistan saying how much they look up to us and this and
that.  Those guys are going out on
patrols and sometimes not coming home, sometimes coming home with one leg or
one arm.  They’re putting
themselves at risk, they’re the real heroes that have the tough job."



"Those guys put so much on the line.  For me to do anything for them, even a
little bit on the line for them, fight for them, try to put on a show for them,
it’s nothing compared to what they do everyday.   I’m really thankful for them. I’m happy to put on a
show for them.  Anything they need,
they do so much for us. I sleep at night better because of them, so I’m
completely grateful and just happy all around about it."


Credeur (former member of the Navy):

"It’s huge. 
You know there’s a lot of people out there, some people agree why we’re
at war, some people don’t agree why we’re at war, but for me as a military vet
the reality is that there’s Americans out there getting shot at.  There’s Americans out there putting
their lives on the line, and regardless of whether you agree with it or not,
supporting those guys, supporting their situation, and more importantly
supporting guys coming back from that and having difficulties from that is a
huge thing for me as a vet and as somebody who supports our military.


"I kind of requested to be on the card and it’s
important to me to give back as much as I can."


Dale Hartt:

"This is kind of what I do and hopefully I go out there
and me and Corey (Hill) give them a really, really good show.  I’m hoping we make their night and I’m
hoping that they realize that we, or at least me, I’m going to fight extra hard
just cause of what they’ve done for me."



"It’s humungous. 
I consider it a great honor and the only thing that could even come
close to rivaling fighting in front of the troops is fighting at home, but in
front of true warriors, it’s truly an honor and you can’t wimp out in front of
those guys! I’m really looking forward to the opportunity and I don’t know how
I got picked on that, but I’m just really happy I am."



"It’s a great opportunity.  The UFC’s doing a fantastic thing for
these guys, putting the show on and auctioning off the tickets for the troops.

It’s great to be a part of it.  You
really feel good about that.


"I just really want to thank Dana White, and Joe Silva
and Lorenzo Ferttita for giving me the opportunity,
doing this amazing thing for the troops, and just thank all my sponsors and


special live UFC fight card will raise funds to build a hospital for traumatic
brain injuries for the brave men and women in the United States Armed
Forces.  Thousands of soldiers from
nearby Fort Bragg, the proud home of the U.S. Airborne and Special Operations
Forces, will be in attendance. 

More information about the facility, including ways to donate, can be
found online at www.fallenheroesfund.org or by
calling 1-800-340-HERO.