by MMAWeekly.com (Photos by Tom Casino – EliteXC)
(Photos by Tom Casino – EliteXC)

The fighters for Friday night’s ShoXC Elite Challenger Series at Chumash Casino Resort at Santa Ynez, Calif., weighed in on Thursday.

The main event features Muay Thai champion Malaipet Sitrprapom facing Thomas “Wildman” Denny. The event is scheduled to be televised on Showtime at 11 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast.

“I know that I am skilled in Muay Thai, but my goal is to continue fighting in MMA,” said Malaipet. “My goal is to be a champion for EliteXC.

“I think this is my last fight at this weight. I would like to fight at 150 pounds in the future.”

A mixed martial arts veteran with a wealth of experience, Denny realizes the magnitude of this fight.

“This is huge fighting on SHOWTIME on the main event,” he said. “I plan to punch him on his face, put him on his head and submit him. I think a lot of people give Malaipet too much respect for his Muay Thai game. You need to attack him.”

MAIN CARD (Televised on Showtime):
Malaipet Sitprapom (154.75 lbs.) vs. Thomas Denny (160 lbs.)
Marlon Mathias (159.5 lbs.) vs. Conor Heun (159.5 lbs.)
Aaron Rosa (203.25 lbs.) vs. Jaime Fletcher (205 lbs.)
Shane Del Rosario (231 lbs.) vs. Analu Brash (256.5 lbs.)
Mark Oshiro (138.75 lbs.) vs. Chris Cariaso (139.5 lbs.)

UNDERCARD (Non-televised):
Brandon Tarn (250.5 lbs.) vs. Jason Williams (257.25 lbs.)
Devin Howard (172.5 lbs.) vs. Mark Kempthorne (170.75 lbs.)
Vince Guzman (161 lbs.) vs. Lyle Beerbohm (160.75 lbs.)
Kenny Johnson (170 lbs.) vs. Michael Penafiel (168.25 lbs.)
Steve Gable (169.75 lbs.) vs. Eric Jones (168.5 lbs.)