by MMAWeekly.com Staff
Will Season 2 of the Ultimate Fighter be as successful as the orginal series? The UFC and Spike TV are hoping so. MMAWeekly.com broke the story a month ago that coming up in November, there will be a live show on Spike TV featuring Karo Parisyan vs Matt Hughes in the main event on live TV. Also the two finalists in the 170 pound weight class and the Heavyweight class will battle it out for UFC contracts. Hughes of course will be one of the coaches for Season 2 of the show opposite Rich Franklin.

Season 2, hopes to match the lofty numbers for Season 1. Season #1 (13 weeks) of The Ultimate Fighter averaged a 1.7 rating with a 2.0 rating in Males 18-49 years of age. The show did a 2.4 in Males 18-34. Forrest Griffin (light heavyweight) and Diego Sanchez (middleweight) were The Ultimate Fighter champions for the premiere season and each received a six-figure deal with the UFC organization. The Stephan Bonnar vs Forrest Griffin audience peaked with 3.3 million viewers watching the fight.

Now a group of 18 new fighters will be competng in the welterweight class and the heavyweight class. MMAWeekly reader Mike DaVannon sent us the list of fighters with professional records.

Welterweight Division MMA Record

– Jorge Gurgel 10-1
– Joe Stevenson 23-5
– Anthony Torres 2-0
– Melvin Gulliard 20-4
– Josh Burkman 4-2
– Marcus Davis 4-2
– Sam Morgan 16-6
– Kenny Stevens 6-2
– Luke Cummo 4-1

– Rob McDonald 6’3/230 Canada 3-0
– Keith Jardine 6’0/215 New Mexico 7-1
– Kerry Schall 6’2/270 Ohio 19-7
– Brad Imes 6’7/275 Sacramento 3-0
– Seth Petruzelli 6’2/230 Florida 6-2
– Mike Whitehead 6’1/250 Iowa 10-4
– Tom Murphy
– Rashad Evans 6’0/225 5-0
– Eli Joslin 6’2/250 2-0

It looks as though there were a fair share of injuries during the taping of the show and it’s unclear how many new fighters were added to the list. In either case it’s believed by a few people that there are plenty of talented fighters and at least one fighter from this show will be a UFC World Champion. Who will it be? We will get a better idea when the show debuts on August 22nd.