Fighters File Lawsuit Against “Ultimate Women’s Challenge” and Producers for Non-Payment

March 22, 2011

If you remember the hype around a reality show titled “Ultimate Women’s Challenge” focusing on female mixed martial artists in a similar concept to the “Ultimate Fighter”, but don’t recall seeing on TV, don’t hold your breath.

The show produced by Lyle Howry Productions was teased as airing on NBC in the fall of 2010, but never made it as a series, and now several fighters involved have filed a lawsuit claiming non-payment for their part.

The suit filed by Nick Thompson on behalf of Kaitlin Young, Heather Clark, Angela Hayes, Barb Honchak, Angela Magana, Michelle Ould, and Patricia Vidonic claims the show and producers have stiffed them for more than a combined $50,000 for salaries, fight payments and bonuses, as well as medical expenses endured during the show’s filming.

In the original contract signed by the fighters with LHPE Entertainment and Lyle Howry Productions, fees were to be paid to the fighters from the show within ’30 to 45 days’ but as of yet according to the lawsuit, those involved are still waiting on the money.

The lawsuit obtained by alleges that the fighters were not paid from several different parts during the filming of the show.

The fighters were supposed to receive a weekly stipend during the filming of the show, which the suit claims were not paid. The fighters were to receive payment for participation on fights during the filming of the show, and they are claiming they have not been paid. The fighters were also supposed to receive medical compensation for their part on the show, which they are claiming non-payment on as well.

The suit was filed in Wisconsin by Thompson on behalf of the fighters and through the law firm at O’Flaherty Heim Egan & Birnbaum on March 16.

There’s been no word when the lawsuit may see the inside of a courtroom or be settled for the fighters to finish their grievances with the production company.

As for the actual show “Ultimate Women’s Challenge”, the production’s website and social media sites haven’t been updated in months and it appears that for now, the series may never see the light of day.

With several of the fighters now suing the show for non-payment, it remains to be seen if any of the footage will ever make it to air.

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