by MMAWeekly.com
In what will most likely go down as the biggest fight in UFC history, its time to find out what the fighters and experts have to say about Tito Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell 2.

Chris Leben:
“I’m going to go ahead and go with Chuck. He already won it once and I just don’t know that Tito can take him down and hold him down.”

Rory Singer:
“I’m taking Chuck again. I think everyone underestimates his wrestling abilities and Tito can say he’s got great wrestling and boxing and he does have very good wrestling but I don’t think he has great boxing, I think he has good boxing. Chuck has showed time and time again its not that easy to shoot on him, you’ve got to get through his huge reach and his tremendously heavy hands and in doing so most guys get knocked unconscious. Personally, I just don’t see how Tito gets to him and takes him down before he gets knocked out.”

Jason McDonald:
“Its such a hard decision. If Tito comes out and fights the same fight he fought the last time then I think its another easy win for Chuck. If Tito comes out and fights the way he’s capable of fighting and takes the fight to the ground and works his ground and pound and really pushes the pace on Chuck, then Tito has all the tools in the world to pull it off. I’d like to see Tito make a run at it and win it. I’m going to go out on a limb and pick Tito Ortiz to win this one.”

Monte Cox:
“I haven’t seen anything in Tito’s last 4 fights that leads me to believe that he’s going to be able to get Chuck off his feet and do the damage on the ground that he needs to do. Of course anything can happen, Tito is a good athlete; he’s capable of beating anyone if he has the right day. But if he’s going to stand up with Chuck again then I don’t know how the results are going to be any different.”

Kit Cope:
“Tito vs. Chuck 2 goes like this…Tito fights a smart fight and Chuck fights like Chuck fights. I’m sure Chuck is thinking if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, however Tito is going to come at him with a different strategy. He’s going to hang back. He’s not going to rush forward because Chuck does not take a step forward. He never ever moves forward unless he’s got you hurt already. This is just a prediction, but I think Tito’s going to hang back and make Chuck move forward and if Chuck moves forward, he’s going to be in danger of being taken down. I think its going to be a very boring fight for the first two rounds and then look for Tito’s conditioning to take over right about round three and maybe even press Chuck against the cage. And once Tito’s got that body lock its over. I think it goes the distance though.”

Jake O’Brien:
“Tito’s in shape and he’s working hard and I think he’s going to win. I like Tito a lot and I think he’s going to do it this time.”

Kenny Florian:
“I’m picking Chuck Liddell to beat Tito Ortiz by KO or TKO, but that’s a fight I would never want to bet on. I wouldn’t want to say he’s a new fighter, but I think Tito Ortiz is a more motivated fighter, a more mature fighter since the last time they fought. With Chuck, it’s just so tough to beat him. If you look at the last two fighters that Chuck has fought, it’s all been essentially clones of Tito. Guys who have used their hands to try to get inside and take him down, and everyone knows that Chuck probably isn’t as strong on the ground, but the thing is you’ve got to be able to get Chuck on the ground and no one has been able to do that successfully and keep him there.”

Damon Martin (Host – MMAWeekly Radio):
“If you’ve listened to the radio show at all in the last few months it should be painfully clear that I think Tito Ortiz is going to win this fight. I honestly think we’ve seen the rebirth of the Huntington Beach Bad Boy and I believe it’s his time to shine. Chuck is a phenomenal fighter at the top of his game right now and he’s going to be very tough to beat, but something tells me that Tito is just rejuvenated with the thought of being champion again. He has to know that this is the only chance he has to beat Chuck because if he loses, it’s the last chapter in the Ortiz/Liddell feud. I think he’s going to fight smarter this time around and make Chuck come to him, press him against the cage in a clinch and then work for the takedown. Tito’s ground and pound has looked out of this world as of late and I think a few elbows to Chuck’s head will make everyone remember why he was once considered one of the best fighters in the world. I’m going with Tito in the 3rd round by TKO.”

Jeff Cain (Co-Host – MMAWeekly Radio):
“Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz is the classic match up of conflicting styles. Ortiz and Liddell are polar opposites. They’re as different as their flamed and icicle trademark trunks. The question is, as it always is when Liddell faces a wrestler, can Tito take Chuck down and keep him there? While I believe both Chuck and Tito are better and different fighters today than they were when they first fought, I don’t think the outcome will be any different. I think it will be a competitive fight, but I don’t see it going the distance. I’m picking Liddell to get his seventh knockout in a row – with Ortiz going down in the third round – to retain his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.”

Ken Pishna (MMAWeekly Editor):
“Honestly, I’ll be a little bit surprised if this fight goes much different than it did the first time. Chuck has dominated his recent opposition… and high-caliber competition it has been. Tito is coming off of dominating performances against Ken Shamrock, but let’s face it, Ken just hasn’t been able to keep up with this generation of fighter and isn’t a good measuring stick for Tito. He looked very impressive in the first round with Forrest Griffin, nearly finishing him off. He’ll have to be that good and more in the first round to beat Chuck. Even though Tito’s conditioning is better than Chuck’s, I think that the more time you give Chuck to unload the right hand, the bigger risk you take. That risk far outweighs any edge in conditioning in my mind. I see Chuck winning this fight by knockout in the second or third round.

Matt Hill (MMAWeekly Staff Writer):
“First off, I think that if Tito comes in confidently and ready to try for multiple takedowns (even when not successful), throw some punches and eat some punches, then he has the tools needed to defeat Chuck. However, if Liddell comes in confident as he always does and Tito has any fear of Chuck at all, then it may be a very quick night for Liddell. I also believe that Tito needs to utilize his BJJ in this fight to be successful. Very rarely does a fighter who uses only a portion of the tools he or she possesses win a fight of this caliber. I think Tito will beat Chuck by RNC at the end of the 2nd or beginning of the third.

Al Yu (MMAWeekly Staff Writer/Columnist):
“Liddell vs. Ortiz 2 is one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history. Fans eagerly waited their first encounter in 2004 and that fight didn’t disappoint. Now these two world-class light heavyweights are set to complete the second chapter. The “Iceman” has been on a roll, winning his last 5 fights since defeating Ortiz. After his loss, Tito has also compiled 5 victories and looks to redeem himself. Liddell’s punching power and great takedown defense make him one of the most dangerous fighters in the business. Couple that with his great counter-punching and underrated ground game and you can see why he’s the champ. Tito has a seemingly insurmountable task ahead of him and I can’t see this one being too different from the first fight. Look for Liddell to retain his title and stop the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” with strikes in the second or third round. Liddell vs. Ortiz 2 will go down as the biggest and most successful event in the UFC’s history!”