Fighters And Managers Weigh In On GSP vs. Penn

The MMA Insider spoke to several top MMA fighters and managers to get their picks on the upcoming UFC welterweight title fight pitting Georges St. Pierre against B.J. Penn.

Here are the picks:

Josh Thomson: “Penn, Penn, Penn, Penn, Penn, Penn, oh did I mention B.J. Penn to win?

Eliot Marshall: “GSP”

Dustin Hazelett: “I’m actually undecided. I believe the early rounds favor Penn, but the later rounds will favor GSP.”

Marcus Davis: “B.J. Penn by the 3rd round. Not sure what, but some kind of stoppage”

Heath Herring: “Not gonna touch that one!”

Jason Genet (Magnetic Marketing Associates): “I think that GSP will be too big for Penn, who is easily one of the greatest MMA fighters of our time.”

Jeff Curran: “I really don’t know. Personally, I think you are better off rolling the dice!”

Ken Pavia (MMA Agents): “GSP late by conditioning.”

Brian Stann: “GSP. My teammate, you don’t need to ask!”