September 29, 2005

Press Release
Toronto, CAN — (BUSINESS WIRE) – September 29th, 2005 The Fight Network Inc, is pleased to announce that it has signed an exclusive (Canadian) programming deal with FEG USA Inc. for the right to broadcast its K-1 events.

This agreement will see The Fight Network air K-1 events in their entirety each and every week. This will be the first time these events will be available on cable and satellite television in Canada.

“K-1 events personify excitement,” said Brian Sobie VP of Programming and Production for the Network. “Knockouts can happen at any time of any match. I think Canadian fight fans who have never seen a K-1 match will be shocked by the dramatic way most of these matches end.”

“The Fight Network has given us a great opportunity to bring K-1 to our Canadian fans on a consistent basis”, said Mr. Sadaharu Tanikawa, CEO of FEG USA Inc. “We have some of the most charismatic fighters in the world: Bob Sapp, Ray Sefo, Remy Bonjansky, Mighty Mo, as well as a couple of fantastic Canadian fighters – Gary Goodridge and Michael McDonald. We’re confident that this partnership with The Fight Network will enable K-1 to become one of the most popular televised fighting programs in Canada in the very near future.”

More about The Fight Network:

The Fight Network is a cross-platform media company with interest in television, radio, print and online content offerings.

The Fight Network is prepared to launch its 24 hour television specialty service into the Canadian market beginning September 22, 2005 and will be the first and only service of its kind in North America.

The Fight Network is dedicated to delivering the best of boxing, pro wrestling, mixed martial arts and related movies, documentaries twenty-four hours a day.

The Fight Network Inc. was granted a Category 2 broadcast license to operate in Canada a twenty-four hour specialty channel to be billed as; TFN-The Fight Network.

This licence was approved by the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (“CRTC”) which is the governing body in Canada that legislates and approves the operating of broadcast services.

The Fight Network Inc. corporate headquartered is located in Toronto, Canada. Additional information on the company can be found at www.thefightnetwork.com

More about K-1:

Karate, Kickboxing, Tae kwon do and Kung fu are among the martial arts upon which K-1 is founded. Throughout the year, the world’s best fighters face-off in K-1 qualifying events on five continents for the honor of competing in the K-1 World Grand Prix, held in December in Tokyo.