Fight Changes Don’t Affect Jason Brilz, He’s Still Just Having Fun

April 21, 2014

Jason BrilzFighting has never defined light-heavyweight Jason Brilz.

While it’s been a big part of his life, his world does not revolve around it. So upon his release from the UFC in 2011, Brilz didn’t let himself get down, but instead kept fighting and has reeled off three straight wins.

“Fighting’s always been a hobby, and of course I miss fighting the bigger names and stuff like that, but at the same time there’s a lot of up and comers that I’ve gotten to fight, guys with only one or two losses, so it’s been a good experience,” Brilz told

Brilz in particular is pleased with his last two performances against Dallas Mitchell and Josh Bryant in the Victory Fighting Championship promotion.

“The guys that I fought were pretty legit,” said Brilz. “The last guy I fought (Mitchell) was a Division I wrestler and a tough kid. Before that, it was an Ultimate Fighter alumnus (Bryant). So I feel good about my performances.”

Brilz (21-5-1) will get an opportunity to step back up onto a nationally televised event when he makes his Titan FC debut on May 16 in Newkirk, Okla., against Bellator veteran Raphael Davis (13-2).

Originally Brilz was to face fellow former UFC vet Vinny Magalhaes on April 25 in Kansas City, but a staph infection forced Magalhaes off the card, leading to Davis’ arrival. Several other injuries led Titan president Jeff Aronson to move the event.

“I’ve never really changed up my game plan in any of my fights, so it really doesn’t affect me,” said Brilz of the change. “I emailed Jeff and told him that I really don’t care who I fight. I’m only worried about what I’m going to do rather than what (my opponent is) going to do.”

That said; don’t expect to see anything different from Brilz during the live CBS Sports Network broadcast on May 16.

“I’ve never deviated too far from that in any of my fights and it’s worked well for me,” he said. “In my losses, I’ve had two split decisions that could have gone either way and two flash knockouts, so I’ve never been dominated in any of my fights.

“I’ll stick with what works until it doesn’t; then I’ll switch it up.”

Never one to let fighting rule his life, Brilz feels happy where he’s at in this stage of his career and the only thing left for him to do is try to accomplish his goal of eventually fighting overseas.

“I’ve always dreamed of fighting somewhere like Scotland or Ireland, so that’s my goal,” he said. “I have my firefighting career and fighting has always been a real fun part of my life, but other than that, I’ve accomplished more in this sport than I’ve ever anticipated.

“I still enjoy it. When fighting is no longer fun, I’ll give it up and have no regrets. I’m still young, not even 39 yet; so I’m still in my prime.”

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