by MMAWeekly.com Staff
Drew Fickett got his first win in the UFC over Josh Neer this past weekend. Now he wants to move up and face one Diego Sanchez. MMAWeekly talks with Drew Fickett in our latest interview.

>Ryan Bennett: Congrats on your win this weekend. Talk about the big difference between your 1st time in the Octagon to this 2nd time…

>Drew Fickett: The first time I was fighting scared and the second I was fighting for fun.

>MMAWeekly: What were you most pleased with regarding your

>Fickett: The ability to fight with instinct and not think too much during the fight. Obviously it is always pleasing win you get the victory as quick and painless as I did.

>MMAWeekly: What does this win do for you now?

>Fickett: more money, more fights, more exposure, more confidence.

>MMAWeekly: Look at the 170 pound weight class. What match-up would bring the best out in you and what fight do you really want next?

>Fickett: Diego would be a fun fight because he is really good on the ground and so am I, however I am a superior wrestler and striker so I would definitely knock him out. Going into a fight like this would force me to stand up when the submissions have come so easily to me for the last
couple years. I am a very exciting striker and would be forced to show these skills in this fight. I want Diaz, because he won’t beat me again and I want to revenge that loss and then I will fight him a third time if he wants a rematch after I win. That would be the noble thing to do
considering if he has the honor to give me another shot, I would do the same for him. I also want to fight Landen Showwalter to avenge that loss. I hate the losses that are on my record because I feel like I didn’t get beat by a better opponents on those days, my head just wasn’t in those
fights and I want to prove to myself that I can come back and avenge those defeats.

>MMAWeekly: A fight coming up in your weight class is of course Frank Trigg vs Georges St.Pierre. Break down that fight for me. Who do you like and why?

>Fickett: This fight is one of the best match ups ever! I can’t pick a fighter I just can’t. I want Trigg to win just because he is a wrestler and I always pull for the wrestlers, but I just don’t know. Trigg is meaner and more experienced, but George is just so damn athletic and
looks like Van Damme so I mean anyone could win at anytime. St. Pierre has to look out for the Trigg Rage and Trigg better not get submitted. I can’t wait to see it!

>MMAWeekly: We broke the story a month ago that Matt Hughes will face Karo Parisyan in a November special on Spike. Does Karo have a chance against Hughes?

>Fickett: No.

>MMAWeekly: Rank the 5 best fighters in the 170 pound weight class…

>Fickett: BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Frank Trigg, Charuto Verissimo, George St. Pierre.

>MMAWeekly: We look forward to seeing you fight again and a big congrats on your win this weekend….

>Fickett: Thanks Ryan. I would like to thank my sponsors: DirectStrike.TV, Tapout, freeloans.com Running with Scissors (gopostal.com), Rushin Sports Massage, USA Chiropractic, Arizona Combat