September 13, 2005

by Snoop Jones, FFC.tv
FFC XV-GCA Fight Party Card
by Snoop Jones, FFC.tv

Dave Garcia vs. Chris Wilson

Dave Garcia of Detroit Michigan is a teammate of FFC Lightweight Champion Dave Gardner and an accomplished MMA fighter and Judoka. Team Quest Member, Chris Wilson, will test him. Training with the likes of Randy Couture, Matt Linland and Ryan Schultz will no doubt have Wilson prepared for the challenge. Strong wrestling skills will likely cancel each other out, look for this one to feature exchanges.

Dr. Seth Klinebeck vs. Josh Haynes

Dr. Seth Klinebeck of Stuttgart, Arkansas has been put in the strange position of dispatching previous opponents with his heavy hands, then tending to their injuries back stage. Klinebeck is thunderous puncher with solid ground skills. Josh Haynes of Oregon also comes in with a reputation for a big punch. Haynes started his career in the Super Heavyweight Division, but has moved down steadily to the Light Heavyweight Division. If Haynes has brought his punch and crafty submission skills with him to 205lbs. look for a war.

Roger Huerta vs. Matt Wiman

Huerta no stranger to the pressure of a big show, put on a tour de force in FFC XIV battling his way into the finals of an 8 man lightweight tournament. In a three round war against TUF ® contestant and FFC Veteran Melvin Guilliard, Huerta lost a controversial decision and is looking for pay back. Wiman comes in sporting an impressive 5-0 record finishing over sixty percent of his opponents in the first round. Both fighters are masterfully trained, Huerta by former UFC Middleweight Champ Dave Menne, while Wiman is a member of the famed Lions Den founded by MMA legend Ken Shamrock. Huerta is the more explosive and acrobatic of the two while Wiman is the bigger and stronger.

Forest Petz vs. Tony Fryklund

Tony Fryklund a UFC and UCC veteran has been thrilling audience with his no nonsense striking style since 1977. Also a standup specialist, FFC veteran Forrest Petz is known for his willingness to trade with anyone. Look for a toe-toe-brawl in this one.

Jason Lambert vs. Travis Wiuff

Take two of the top 10 Light Heavyweights who are clamoring for more recognition and place them in a cage and what do you get? A fight sure to be a “Fight of the Year” Candidate. Listen to what Industry insiders are saying about this fight. “This is a showdown between two of the best conditioned fighters out there. They both come to fight and neither one ever gives an inch”, said uber Manager Monte Cox. ” Travis Wiuff is the strongest guy I have ever faced…period, and Lambert is legendary in his willingness to trade and maul his opponents. Lambert”s fight with former UFC Champion Tim Sylvia was a war” said fighter and referee “Big” John Dixson.

FFC Welterweight World Championship
Carlo Prater vs. Champ Keith Wisniewski

Wisniewski, from Duneland, Indiana, wrested the Title Belt from Houstonian, Carlo Prater, in a classic battle last September at FFC XIII. Controversy over a few seconds missing from the bout due to time keeping, and the non-stop action inspired a muchawaited rematch. Wisniewski proved to be the slicker wrestler while Prater excelled at striking. Look for both fighters to tighten up their game and treat the crowd to some raucous action.

FFC Lightweight World Championship
Ryan Schultz vs. Champ Dave Gardner

Gardner a Detroit native has held the FFC for over two years and is considered by insiders to be among the finest 155lb fighters in the world. Ryan Schultz is a member of Randy Couture’s prestigious Team Quest, and is considered to be among the top up and coming talents in the sport. Both fighters possess strong wrestling backgrounds and are known for coming straight forward. The winner will be able to stake a legitimate claim to being the best 155lb fighter in the world.