Ferreira-Werdum overturned to a no contest

The main event result of PFL 3 between Renan Ferreira and Fabricio Werdum, originally a TKO victory for Ferreira, was overturned after a controversial no-call that changed the trajectory of the fight. 

The heavyweight contest appeared to be over after Werdum locked Ferreira into a triangle choke from the bottom position about halfway into the first round and Ferreira tapped Werdum’s shoulder with his right hand twice, acknowledging a submission. 

The referee however did not see this action. Ferreira subsequently escaped Werdum’s choke and landed substantial hammerfists that led to the TKO finish.

However, after an appeal from Werdum’s manager Ali Abdelaziz, the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB) overturned the decision to a no-contest.

The replay of the closing moments of the fight were reviewed from different angles, and expert sources such as referee of the fight, Keith Peterson, were consulted regarding the consideration of the result being changed. 

The commissioner of the NJSACB, Larry Hazzard Jr., decided to overturn the fight to a no contest.

Abdelaziz expressed his happiness with the decision on Twitter.

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Ferreira was initially awarded six points in the PFL heavyweight standings for the first-round TKO, but as a result of the bout being overturned to a no contest, both fighters will be awarded with one point.

This news was originally reported by ESPN.