Felice Herrig Says UFC on Fox 15 Bout Against Paige VanZant is a Mismatch

April 7, 2015

On April 18, top ten-ranked female strawweights Felice Herrig and Paige VanZant kick off the UFC on Fox 15 main card in a bout that has turned into a bit of a grudge match.

Shortly after the bout agreements were finalized, VanZant characterized Herrig’s fighting style as ‘predictable.’

“She has a very strong Muay Thai game. That’s kind of what she’s been known for, but I do think she’s a predictable fighter,” VanZant told MMAWeekly.com in February.

Herrig took offense to the remarks and believes she’s on a different level than her 21-year-old opponent.

“I think the only thing predictable about me is that I can beat her anywhere the fight goes. I know I’m a better striker than her. I know I’m a better wrestler than her. I know I’m better on the ground than her. I know I’m physically stronger than her. I know I have more experience than her,” Herrig recently told Submission Radio.

“Everybody has a punchers chance, but I definitely wouldn’t bet against me in this. It’s just, you know, I think she’s actually so new and so green in this sport that she really doesn’t get it,” added the 30-year-old 15-fight veteran.

“She doesn’t realize that there is a difference. Like what, she’s got five or six fights? I’ve been fighting for 12 or 13 years now. Between kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai and MMA, I have over 50 fights. I was the world champion Muay Thai fighter,” added Herrig.

Herrig doesn’t think VanZant matches up well with her in any situation and considers the fight a mismatch.

“Honestly there’s nothing Paige is going to do to me that I haven’t seen before or felt before. I really don’t believe she’s better than me anywhere,” she said. “I think that when I fight Paige, people are going to see a difference in levels. I don’t think that this is actually an evenly matched up fight at all.”

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