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The world’s top ranked heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko, steps back in the cage on Saturday night to face No. 9 ranked Fabricio Werdum at the Strikeforce and M-1 Global co-promoted “Fedor vs. Werdum” event in San Jose, Calif.

MMAWeekly.com is live cageside to bring you all the action in round-by-round coverage, from the preliminary bouts to the main event. The first preliminary bout is scheduled to begin at approximately 5:00 p.m. PT / 8:00 p.m. ET.

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R1 – Fedor drops Fabricio with a big right hand and rains down punches standing in Fabricio’s open guard. Fabricio catches an arm and attempts an armbar but Fedor breaks free. Fedor again delivers big blows but Fabricio catches Fedor’s left arm this time and attempts a triangle. The triangle appears deep, and Fabricio pulls the arm into an armbar as well and Fedor taps out (apparently due to the triangle, not the armbar given that the arm wasn’t over extemded but the triangle was very deep and held for a long time).

Fabricio Werdrum wins by submission (triangle) at 1:09 of the first round.


R1 – Smith charges earlier but is immediately dropped with a right hook by Le. Smith recovers quickly and pushes Le against the cage. Smith lands some punches to the gut of Le against the cage before both fighters are centered again. Smith misses with a violent, powerful overhand right that Le counters with a jab. Le connects with a solid straight combo that dazes Smith. A stunned Smith goes for the takedown but Le sprawls. From the sprawled position, Le lands multitudinous blows to Smiths exposed midsection. Smith squirms to his feet and and lands a body kick before they center. Le again lands a few blows that drop Smith and follows with some more body shots to end the round.

R2 – Le picks up where he left off with combinations of straights that connect sharply. Le lands a spinning back kick to Smith’s stomach and follows it with big straights that drop Smith. Upon being centered after a stoppage for a low blow, Le connects with several more big blows and a spinning backfist that drops Smith. Le continues to pound away before the referee stops the fight.

Cung Le wins by technical knockout at 1:46 of the second round.


R1 – The two throw a flurry of punches to open the fight, with Cyborg landing the stronger, cleaner shots before grappling Finney to the cage. After they center again, Cyborg drops Finney with a combination of straights. Finney still swings back from her knees and gets Cyborg in the clinch. Cyborg breaks the clinch by pushing Finney against the fence where Cyborg drops Finney with a series of punches again. Finney grabs Cyborg’s leg and barely survives before the ref stands them up. The fight is stopped momentarily Cyborg is deducted a point for illegal strikes to the back of Finney’s head while she held on to Cyborg’s leg. Cyborg grapples Finney to the cage again and lands some big knees before dropping Finney again with a combo of straights. Finney stays on the ground and refuses to engage as she keeps a closed guard for defense of her head while Cyborg relentlessly drops blows to end the round.

R2 – Finney immediately lands two hard straights before Cyborg responds with straights of greater power that send Finney to the cage. Finney falls to her back and keeps a high closed guard again as Cyborg drops knees and punches from a standing side control. The referee stands them up where both fighters trade shots with Cyborg again landing more powerfully and sending Finney to the cage. Cyborg lands heavy blows that connect cleanly but Finney remains standing against the cage before clinching. The referee centers them where Cyborg lands a combination of big straights and a knee from the clinch that connects to Finney’s head and drops her. Cyborg follows it up with a series of big punches before the referee stops the fight.

Cyborg wins by technical knockout at 2:56 of the second round.


R1 – Thomson gets the double leg takedown to open the fight. Healy gets up quick and pins Thomson against the cage. Healy gets a leg and attempts to drag Thomson down, but Thomson latches onto the arm in an armbar attempt. Healy narrowly escapes and attempts to punches from standing, but again Thomson catches an arm and attempts a triangle. Healy breaks free and wrestles Thomson back to the ground after he tries to stand. Healy gets a back mount but Thomson escapes quickly and attempts a kneebar. Healy defends the kneebar and the fighters get to their feet. Healy pushes Thomson against the cage but falls victim to a takedown by Thomson to end the round.

R2 – Healy gets an early takedown and works Thomson into the cage. Healy almost gets Thomson’s back before settling in an open half guard against the cage where he lands many minor strikes against Thomson. Thomson gets to his feet but Healy holds onto a leg and gets a slam. Thomson catches an arm and attempts an armbar. Healy escapes and responds with a kneebar attempt. Thomson breaks free and Healy takes his guard where he is almost caught by another armbar attempt from Thomson. Healy finishes the round from the top position of Healy’s closed guard.

R3 – Thomson misses a big overhand right but connects with a short left straight to follow. Healy swings strongly but misses a few combos before getting tagged with a straight right counter from Thomson. Thomson lands a few jabs but Healy responds with a combo of jabs that also connect before missing a big right. Healy gets Thomson against the cage where Thomson defends a slam attempt before finally getting dragged down. Healy tries to get Thomson’s back but is flipped over Thomson’s head where Thompson is able to get Healy’s back. Thomson locks in a body triangle and gets a rear naked choke locked in. After a minute, Healy finally taps, as Thomson wins by submission via rear naked choke at of the third round.

Thomson wins by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:27 of the third round.


R1 – Stack is stalking Burnsed before Burnsed misses with a takedown attempt. Burnsed connects with a solid right then a leg kick. Burnsed catches a kick and gets the takedown. Stack gets up quickly and gains an advantageous position against the cage. Stack connects with a series of effective knees while pinning Burnsed against the cage. The referee breaks them up and centers them. Burnsed checks a kick and connects another big right that rocks Stack momentarily before Stack gets the takedown. Stack gets out of the open guard and Burnsed scrambles to his feet. Stack gets another takedown and into full guard. Burnsed attempts an armbar unsuccessfully before the round ends.

R2 – Burnsed gets a big knockdown with a strong right hand to open the round. Stack recovers quickly and is able to scramble to top position where he gets in Burnsed’s guard. Burnsed attempts a guillotine unsuccessfully. The fighters scramble to their feet where Stack pins Burnsed against the fence. Stack gets another takedown before Burnsed gets to his feet again quickly but pinned against the cage. From a sprawl position against the cage, Burnsed gets Stack’s back before transitioning into side control. Burnsed attempts an arm triangle from the half guard before releasing and getting the mount. Burnsed delivers a few blows before locking in another arm triangle that Stack survives through to end the round.

R3 – Both fighters seem tired as strikes are getting thrown in less bunches. Burnsed stuffs a takedown attempt by Stack and transitions to the closed mount from atop. Stack uses his feet against the cage to get a better position that sees Burnsed lose his mount and into half guard. Burnsed gets the mount again and into a back mount. Stack delivers a successful sweep and lands atop into Burnsed’s guard. Burnsed catches an arm and nearly locks in an armbar. Stack narrowly escapes and they both get to standing. A visibly gassed Stack gets hit with another hard right by Burnsed. Burnsed backs him to the cage where Stack gets a takedown and lands atop. Stack transitions to open guard against the cage. Both fighters struggle from this position to end the final round.

Scorecards read: 29-28 Stack, 30-27 Burnsed, 29-28 Stack. Stack wins by split decision.


R1 – Joseph opens the fight with a couple of strong leg kicks. Medeiros pushes the pace to cornering Joseph against the fence where he connects a few straights while both men swing in flourishes. Joseph is able to reverse the position and push Medeiros against the fence. They break to standing where Medeiros again stalks Joseph. Medeiros lands two effective rights while Joseph misses counters. In the center again, Joseph lands a strong leg kick before avoiding a counter head kick by Medeiros. Medeiros continues to push the pace while Joseph keeps his distance with counters to end the round.

R2 – After backing up, Joseph dashes inside with a combination of punches that don’t land. Joseph gets his distance before backing from Medeiros again. Medeiros lands a strong leg kick against the fence and then connects with a right hook that drops Joseph. Medeiros connects with three big punches while Joseph is rocked, kneeling against the cage. The referee stops the fight, as Medeiros wins by technical knockout at 1:19 in the second round.

Medeiros wins by technical knockout at 1:19 in the second round.


R1 – Bergmark lands a counter right early that momentarily rocks Rocha. Rocha lands a left hook of his own but Bergmark isn’t fazed. Rocha attempts a takedown after dodging a big overhand right by Bergmark, but Bergmark sprawls. Rocha is able to get hold of a leg and slam Bergmark for the takedown. From the open full guard, Rocha lands a series of strikes before Bergmark closes the guard and then gets to his feet. Standing and centered, Bergmark lands a straight right before Rocha gets the takedown and into full guard. Rocha lands a pair of hammer fists t end the round.

R2 – Bergmark catches a leg kick early but misses the follow-up straight right. Bergmark lands a strong leg kick before getting tagged by a right by Rocha. Rocha attempts a takedown but ends up on his back where Bergmark lets him up. Bergmark lands a counter right and then sprawls to defend a takedown attempt by Rocha. Against the cage. Bergmark lands a big knee to Rocha’s gut that drops him. Bergmark slams Rocha and tries to land punches from a standing full guard. Rocha’s nose is bleeding, Bergmark lets him stand. Rocha attempts a takedown but again ends up on his back. Bergmark lands a few minor blows from the full guard before letting Rocha stand. Rocha looks rocked as Bergmark pushes the pace and lands a few solid hooks to end the round.

R3 – Rocha attempts a flying armbar but gets slammed by Bergmark to open the round. Bergmark lets Rocha stand again. Many faints and punches being thrown, but neither fighter connects. Rocha attempts a takedown but Bergmark sprawls and attempts an arm triangle. Rocha breaks free and pulls guard before Bergmark lets him stand again. Bergmark lands a nice left hook, right straight combo to the dazed Rocha. Another combo of hooks find their target as Bergmark is teeing off on Rocha. Rocha attempts to pull guard again but Bergmark lets him up. Bergmark lands another big overhand right and follows it with a flurry to almost stop the fight before Rocha unsuccessfully attempts to pull guard again to close the fight.

Scorecards read 29-28, 30-27, 30-26 for the winner by unanimous decision, Bret Bergmark.


R1 – Keslar gets a single leg takedown and quickly transitions to a closed full mount. After a few hammer fists, Keslar gets Cope’s back and locks in a body triangle. Keslar peppers Cope with punches as he tries to lock in a rear naked choke. Cope effectively defends from the choke and the few strikes Keslar attempts from for a few minutes before the round closes.

R2 – Keslar again opens the round with a single leg takedown and nimbly gets Cope’s back. After locking in the body triangle, the struggle for the rear naked choke again ensues before Cope twists free and into Keslar’s guard. Keslar is able to stand and after a brief period against the cage, both fighters are centered. The fight is stopped momentarily after a low blow is delivered to Keslar from Cope. Cope’s forehead is gashed as he gets inside Keslar and pins him to the cage. Cope sprawls a takedown attempt by Keslar and delivers some big blows to the side of Keslar’s head. Keslar stays firm and holds on to the single leg of the sprawled Cope. After relentless blows from Cope, the referee stops the fight.

Chris Cope wins by technical knockout at 4:32 of the second round.


Main Card Bouts (On Showtime):
-Fabricio Werdum DEF Fedor Emelianenko by submission (triangle) at 1:09 R1
-Cung Le DEF Scott Smith via TKO at 1:46 R2
-Cris “Cyborg” Santos DEF Jan Finney via TKO at 2:56 R2
-Josh Thomson DEF Pat Healy via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:27, R3

Preliminary Card Bouts (Non-Televised):
-Chris Cope def. Ron Keslar via TKO at 4:32, R2
-Bret Bergmark def. Vagner Rocha via Unanimous Decision
-Yancey Medeiros def. Gareth Joseph via TKO at 1:19, R2
-Bobby Stack def. Derrick Burnsed via Split Decision