Fedor: The Next "Universal Soldier"

In October, MMAInsider first broke the news about a new action movie starring international badass Fedor Emelianenko (oh, and B-listers Rutger Hauer and Michael Madsen too). The movie is currently shooting in Thailand and is scheduled to wrap at the end of November.

Details on the film’s plot are sketchy, but the way Fedor puts it, he plays a character not far from the kind his old friend Jean Claude Van Damme used to play in the 90’s. Many fans may remember Van Damme’s mic-stealing monologue at the conclusion of Fedor’s routing of Matt Lindland at BodogFight’s “Clash of the Nations.”

Also crashing the pre-fight conference for Bodog, the “Muscles from Brussels” promised Emelianenko a part in the subtly named “JCVD,” a movie about an aging, out-of-work action star who’s divorces and drug addiction have left him penniless…hey, wait a minute.

“It’s a fun movie, and I play a special soldier, a specialized fighter,” Fedor told MMAWeekly in an interview Tuesday night.

Despite the stone-faced Russian being a lock for playing non-human combatants, he says he will not be trying to usurp Van Damme’s old job any time soon.

“To tell you the truth, I really enjoyed being a part of the moviemaking experience, but I think it’s a pleasure that I would only want to do once,” he said.

Emelianenko is tired of training outside his trailer.

“I’m ready to get back in the ring,” he finished.

“JCVD” is reportedly still in limbo, looking for a distributor. Emelianenko’s “Day of Reckoning” begins on Jan. 24 against Andre Arlovski. Don’t be surprised if Van Damme shows up at the press conference.