Fedor Talks Injury And Future

Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction Banned

Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction Banned

There is an interesting interview on Fedor Emelinanenko’s website talking about his injury, his future with Mirko Cro Cop and his brother. Here is a portion of the interview, for the full interview go to Fedor’s website.

Correspondent: I know that a few days ago you were visited by Mr. Shinoda , Pride’s 2nd manager. What was the purpose of his trip?

Fedor: Mr. Shinoda was here to confirm my condition, and that I am not able to fight against Mirko in June due to my injury. One of the local clinics took an X-ray of my hand in Mr. Shinoda’s presence, and the surgeon-traumatologist wrote a conclusion about my health. Having received all necessary medical documentation Pride’s manager flew back to Japan.

Correspondent: So what are the doctors saying, how is the hand healing?

Fedor: Doctors are saying that the break is pretty serious and deep, and it’s making the healing process of my bone tissue harder. They are not recommending I do any sort of training with that hand at all until halfway throughout the year. Anyway, for now the fight is only pushed on until August. Most likely the fight will happen in August.

Correspondent: Well you are going to have just a little time, when will you be able to start fully training for this fight?

Fedor: I do not know yet. Doctors have strongly forbidden me to do so for at least for one more month. But I will be starting to train hand striking as soon as I am given the green light.

Correspondent: Not long ago there was some information about you planing on participating in the Euphoria: USA vs Russia tournament. Will you be able to participate?

Fedor: It is true that initially we had plans in participating in this tournament, but since I signed the contract with Pride, my obligation is to first meet Mirko Cro Cop in the ring. After this fight, I will be able to look at these other options.

Correspondent: This weekend you were visited by a filming crew to continue the film about you. As far as I understand, this film will be about Fedor – the person, not Fedor – the fighter, is that true?

Fedor: Yes it is true. The film is being made so people can meet me, and see a part of my everyday life. The film shows some of my training, and some of my family.

Correspondent: And how is your brother Aleksander doing, how is his hand injury?

Fedor: Aleksander also has a complex situation, his injury is also fairly deep and is not letting him train at 100% yet. It is most likely his next fight will also take place in August but it has not yet been decided who his opponent will be. There is a possibility for that to be Rulon Gardner (weight class up to 120 kg) who in 2000 won against the Russian wrestler Aleksander Karelin at the finals in the Sydney Olympics