Fedor Reportedly Closer Than Ever in Active UFC Negotiations

Could Fedor Emelianenko finally find his way to the Octagon? It appears that the former Pride FC champion and the UFC are in negotiations to make it happen.

Of course, we’ve been down this road before, only to get disappointed time after time. But Fedor talked about fighting for the UFC on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour.

He is slated to face Fabio Maldonado in a Eurasia Fight Nights bout this weekend that will air on UFC Fight Pass, but Fedor confirmed that he and the UFC are negotiating for him to fight for the UFC.

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“In a word, yes. That possibility does exist,” said Fedor.

“I always wanted to fight for UFC and I would fight for UFC, but at this moment we’re looking at the deal and the deal has to satisfy both parties — them and my organization. Until there’s no friction, until we are 100-percent in terms of seeing eye-to-eye, we are all basically in limbo.”

Brock Lesnar and Fedor 750The UFC has tried for years to sign Fedor, coming close during Brock Lesnar’s first tenure in the Octagon. Interestingly, Lesnar has recently agreed to fight at UFC 200. If the UFC were able to land a deal with Fedor, it is entirely possible that Lesnar could be lured back into the fold for more than what his employers at the WWE characterized as a one-off opportunity.

That, of course, could be putting the cart well before the horse, as Fedor has come close before, but never put the pen to paper. He insists, however, that the two sides are much closer than they’ve been in the past.

“Right now, I’m much closer compared to when I just came back to MMA,” said Fedor.”We did receive an offer, but there are some finer points that we wanted to discuss.”

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