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Pride announced that Fedor Emelianenko will not be competing in the Open Weight GP this May in Osaka, Japan. Apparently Fedor’s hand is injured. But that doesn’t mean that Fedor is not going to be able to participate in the highly anticipated GP.

DSE President, Sakakibara said that Fedor may get a slot in round 2 of the Open Weight GP in July. This would not be as a replacement but he would get a slot due to him as Sakakibara said,” I think it’s reasonable since he is the champ.” Pride is still in negotiations with Fedor.

Sakakibara mentioned the popularity of MMA throughout the world and Pride feels that they are going against the trend of the set rule/ weight classes, by having an open weight tournament. He said that there may be more adjustments and modifications to the rules for the Open Weight GP, and that he will need to discuss it over with the Pride Rules Directors.

Also, whether there will be 14 fighters participating in the first round of the Open Weight GP or not has yet to be determined. Fourteen would allow a slot for Fedor to join in July.

About the highly speculated participation of Fujita in the Open Weight GP, Sakakibara said, “It’s up to Fujita.” Apparently Pride is tired of chasing Fujita, but the invitation is open.