by Moon Gwang-lip – Hankooki Times
World’s Strongest Fighter Gives Thumbs Up for Korean Dog Meat Dish

By Moon Gwang-lip
Staff Reporter

The world’s strongest fighter enjoyed the food he believes enhances stamina just before wrapping up a five-day visit to South Korea. It was a dish of dog.

In the fourth day in Korea at the invitation of the Korea Sambo Federation, Fedor Emelianenko, current heavyweight champion at Pride FC, with K-1 one of the major mixed martial arts sports, grabbed the chance to eat traditional Korean dog soup, or “posintang,” on Saturday after the federation ordered it at his request.

The dish was delivered to the Olympic Gymnasium in southern Seoul where the 29-year-old Russian fighter was preparing for an exhibition game to introduce “sambo,” a Russian martial art that has helped him join the K-1 World GP champion Semmy Schilt on the world’s best fighters list.

“It’s unique. It tastes different from other meats,” Emelianenko was quoted by Yonhap News Agency as saying on trying the meat.

Since he arrived on Wednesday, Emelianenko asked the federation for a chance to taste dog meat, saying he had always wanted to try it after hearing it is good for stamina.

He also enjoyed other Korean food while going on a nationwide tour designed to promote the martial art. At every restaurant meal, he eagerly polished off almost all the kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage), pulgogi (grilled beef), toenjangkuk (soy bean paste soup), to name a few.

A couple of ginseng companies presented him with ginseng and ginseng tea after finding the quasi-human shaped Asian herb is another favorite of the fighter.

Meanwhile, in Saturday’s 10-minute exhibition event, Emelianenko skillfully demonstrated almost every Sambo technique and brought about a thousand Korean spectators to their feet. He left Korea Sunday, promising to visit soon.

“I really appreciate Korean fans for their affection for me and Sambo. Given the chance, I would like to visit again,” he said before leaving Incheon International Airport Sunday afternoon.