Press Release
The Full Contact Fighting Federation returns to the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon; this Saturday, April 1, 2006 with Rumble @ the Roseland XXI. Doors open at 6pm and fights begin at 7pm. You don’t want to miss this exciting Mixed Martial Arts fight card that has 13 bouts scheduled to take place in the 25 foot, 8-sided octagon shaped CAGE known as “The Slammer.”

What: Rumble @ the Roseland XXI (Mixed Martial Arts Fighting in an Octagon Shaped Cage known as “The Slammer”)
When: Saturday, April 1, 2006 Roseland Theater
Time: Doors Open @ 6pm : Fights Start @ 7pm
Where: Roseland Theater; Portland, Oregon : NW 6th and Burnside
Tickets Available: Safeway Ticketswest and 1-800-992-TIXX Ask for it by name, Rumble @ the Roseland XXI

185 Bruce Ange (Salem, OR) vs. Damion Dantibo (DFCC)
145 Bobby Corpuz (Real World) vs. Matt Slosser (Team Chaos)
145 Benny Vinson (Portland, OR) vs. Cole Young (DFCC)
HWT Bobby Haney (Milwaukie, OR) vs. Will Seleen (Silverton, OR)
170 Mike Sixel (Team Quest) vs. Jeremy Jones (DFCC)
185 JC Doane (Port Angeles, WA) vs. David Morgan (Grants Pass, OR)

170 Zach Ross (Quest) vs. Kyle Prather (Team Chaos)
150 Aaron La Gere (Corvalllis, OR) vs. David Banuet (Astoria, WA)
155 Gabe Benidictus (Real World Fighters) vs. Dylan Fussell (Team Quest)
170 Wayne Woodruff (Portland, OR) vs. Jake McKnight (Team Chaos)

HWT: Josh Bennett- The HWT Champion is coming off the longest and most serious injury of his career. His knee gave out and he had the entire thing rebuilt. Mr. Bennett has fought hurt many times, but this is the first time he wasn’t able to prepare in his cumstom fashion. This bout is NOT for the FCFF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. This is a return fight. One thing remains though, this is a fight! Josh Bennett has more wins in the FCFF than any other competitor. He has been responsible for beating opponents, suprising opponents, even retireing oppoents. The Champion can wrestle, he can box, he knows submissions (our hardcore fans will remember the ankle lock that forced Karl Pope to surrender). This isn’t just a battle that requires promotion between these two men, but it also has a bussiness interest involved. Mr. Bennett is sponsored in this bout by www.precisionlending.com . (Quest) vs. The Godfather- The Godfather has been a part of MMA in Oregon from the beginning. He was the driving force that started the now famous “Team Quest.” He has been a sponsor and fan of the FCFF from day 1. He is now making his second apperance in the SLAMMER and he is facing the most feared athlete in the divison. While preparing for this bout, The Godfather has lost 40 pounds and he even started a new gym known as the “Garage.” This gym hosts fighters such as Evan Tanner, Jorge Oliveria, and Trent Standing. This man seems to to have the golden touch and success seems to follow him, but is he ready for this giant task? Let’s find out… The Godfather himself is a sucessful mortgage broker and he comes in tonight sponsored by “Morgan Financial.” (Garage)

185 Title: Scott Trayhorn- Most forget that Scott trayhorn even lost the Title. He held the belt for over a year and he beat everybody thrown at him. A suprise “rear naked choke” from a very game Dutch opponent representing SBG and Mr. Trayhorn was on the comeback trail. Well the trail leads us right here, right now. Scott has stepped up against all commers and tonight is no different. Until just 3 days ago he was slatted to fight Ryan Hart. Personal probslems with Mr. Hart have stopped that bout from taking place and Scott agreed to this opponent change without hesitation. His courage and skills are a lot to deal with, let’s see if he has what it takes to be a 2 time Champion. (Quest) vs. Rick Reeves- Mr. Reeves burst onto the scene 6 months ago in impressive fashion. He’s undefeated and appears to be as well rounded as anybody in the bussiness. His team DFCC has been toe to toe with the most respected teams out there, including Team Quest and SBG. At one point it appeared Rick would be challenging Aaron Stark at Light Heavyweight. He is infact a Middle Weight and he is head lineling the biggest event in the Northwest! (Roseburg, OR)