Press Release
Rumble AT the Roseland 22 Results
May 20th, 2006
Portland, Oregon

Main Event
Featherweight Championship
Andy Lukesh def. Dylan Fussell: Unanimous Decision
Lukesh still FCFF Featherweight Champion

Welterweight Championship
Lloyd Woodard def. Jeremy Jones: Tapout due to armbar: 2:26 Rd. 1
Lloyd Woodard still FCFF Welterweight Champion

Light Heavyweight Championship
Will Courcheine def. Markee Morrisson: Tapout 1:25 Rd. 1
Will Courcheine is the New FCFF Light HWT Champion

Heavyweight Championship
Trent Standing def. Josh Bennett: Chokeout 3:28 Rd. 1
Trent Standing is the New FCFF Heavyweight Champion

Mel Locke def. David Banuet: Tapout 3:52 Rd. 1

Tyler Moug def. Andy Pickett: Tapout 4:36 Rd. 2

Jake Thomas def. David Her: Tapout :18 Rd. 2

Nate Bethal def. Jeremy Harrington: Referee Stoppage 1:16 Rd. 1

Bobby Corpuz def. Jake Leino: Tapout 2:33 Rd. 1

Aaron Sutton def. Clarence Barela: Tapout 3:54 Rd. 2

Jake McKnight def. Jonathon Gaskill: Tapout 1:17 Rd. 1

Rath Cyrus def. Bobby Haney: Medical Stoppage due to a cut 2:46 Rd. 1

Fai Kester def. David Morgan: Referee Stoppage 4:24 Rd. 1

Damian Dantibo def. Ben Lippold: Tapout 1:24 Rd. 1