Facetime Buddies Nate Diaz and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bash Conor McGregor

December 19, 2016

Let’s talk about Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather again, shall we? Because we all know you guys love talking about it. Well, actually, we’re pretty sure it’s Floyd who likes talking about it more than anyone else.

In his latest effort to keep his name in the headlines (mission accomplished), Mayweather Facetimed none other than Nate Diaz and gave the UFC fighter props for putting it to “that boy” in a recent fight. You can go ahead and safely assume “that boy” is Conor McGregor.

Via FightHype.com …

Squad goals.

“I seen what you did to him,” Mayweather said. “Imma put the finishing touches on him.”

And now some real talk.

For the 7,283,097th time, let us tell you that a fight between Floyd and Conor is just about next to impossible to make happen. Contract situations with the UFC are never easy to get over, and given that McGregor is the MMA promotion’s biggest cash cow, they’re not about to let him go and mess everything up by getting in a boxing match with a pound-for-pound great.

Now get over the whole idea and wait for the next time Floyd does Floyd things and trashes guys he’ll never fight. 

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