Fabricio Werdum Tired of Guys Like Colby Covington Trying to Imitate Conor McGregor

(Courtesy of Submission Radio)

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and rising welterweight contender Colby Covington got into an altercation on the streets of Sydney this week. 

The altercation appears to have stemmed from Covington continuing to make derogatory comments about Brazil and Brazilians, and Werdum is growing weary of it. 

“He no respect Brazil the last fight. Colby say a lot of bad things. It’s no good,” Werdum said at the open workouts for UFC Fight Night 121 in Sydney. But it isn’t solely Covington he takes issue with, it’s fighters in general that think they can imitate Conor McGregor expecting to have similar success.

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“I don’t like the guys try to copy Conor McGregor,” Werdum said. “Conor McGregor, he did very well, very good promotion. He’s a very rich guy now. But the other guys try to copy him; it’s very ridiculous. I don’t like it.”

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