by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com “I’ve just been sitting here patiently waiting for a fight,” says British 145-pound fighter Ronnie Mann. “All I want to do is fight.”

After sitting on the shelf for the entire year, Mann is finally returning to action on Sept. 11 for the Shark Fights promotion, and he couldn’t be happier.

“I’ve been tied into a Sengoku contract where they haven’t been getting me any fights,” commented Mann. “My manager, Gary Ibarra, managed to get this Shark Fight one-fight deal that Sengoku gave me permission to do.”

Having stayed busy working with his teammates during their preparations for fights, Mann decided it was time to come to the US to prepare when he finally got the call to action.

“I’ve come out here and trained before, but not before a fight. It’s my first training camp out in the States,” he said. “I love it, it’s gone really good and I’ve got no complains so far.

“I’ve been training out here at Tapout Las Vegas with Shawn Tompkins and I’m training with a good bunch of guys.”

The main focus of Mann’s preparations to face Doug Evans for the Shark Fight’s featherweight title has been a weakness Ronnie feels is common amongst his countrymen.

“I’ve been trying to work on my wrestling,” said Mann. “As you know, in England we are pretty weak in wrestling, so I’ve been trying to improve myself.

“That’s the reason why I came to the States, because you guys are the best at wrestling. I’ve been trying to do a lot of wrestling, especially my defensive wrestling.”

With Evans’ strong wrestling base and aggressive style, Mann knows patience will be the key on Sept. 11.

“I know Doug’s a wild guy who in previous fights swings for the fences and goes all out the first couple rounds,” commented Mann. “It’s all about keeping my distance and try to pick him off.

“If he does get me down to the ground, I’ll use my submission game to try to tap him.”

Mann knows this will be his first exposure to a lot of American fans, and how relevant is will be to have a good performance for his future prospects.

“It’s very important because this is the route I want to go anyway,” stated Mann. “When my contract is done with Sengoku I want to try to start something in the United States for my MMA career.

“So, yeah, it’s very important to have a good performance this time. This should be my best fight yet.”

Currently locked into one more fight with Sengoku, Mann is hoping to fulfill his contract this year, then look to take his career to the next level.

“I want try to start again and head into the big shows like the WEC, which is the place to be at 145 pounds,” he said. “If I do well in this fight hopefully I’ll get invited up. Or Bellator, really, I just want to try to get on the big shows and fight the best people.”

With an opportunity to step onto the US MMA scene with a bang, Mann promises fans nothing less than the absolute top his game has to offer at Shark Fights.

“I want people to come check me out,” he concluded. “This should be my best fight, so just pay attention to my fight and keep an eye out for me.”