Following his traumatic motorcycle accident, Frank Mir was told that he’d be lucky to walk again with a limp, let alone ever be able to return to the cage and fight.

Well… he did just that earlier this year, even though the outcome was a disappointing loss to Marcio Cruz. “I was told that I’d never walk again without a cane,” remarked Mir. “I was just too happy to prove everybody wrong, that I could still fight again. I didn’t really worry about winning.”

It’s been a long process back as he improved against Dan Christison to win by decision. But he attributes that to only being a fighter when he was in the gym, not when he was out of the gym, but he has changed that now and it showed when he revealed his physique at the weigh-ins.

If confidence is any indicator, Mir is ready for this fight with Brandon Vera. “I’ve always been the most technical fighter in the world,” commented Mir, “but that’s a gift from God. I didn’t earn that. I put my time in this time and did the conditioning that I needed to do. I earned it.”


A difficult name for North Americans to pronounce sure, but Dokonjonosuke Mishima is a fighter that is difficult to forget. He typically has memorable ring entrances, often accompanied by Snoopy, and is even more memorable for his in-ring performances.

Mishima cut his teeth on the smaller Shooto and DEEP promotions in Japan before being featured in Pride’s Bushido. Now he travels across the ocean to break into the American mixed martial arts scene for the first time. Is he nervous, “Sure, but once I step into the Octagon, once the bell rings, everything will be fine,” said a humble but focused Mishima.

We’ll see tonight when he steps into the Octagon, for the first time, with UFC veteran Joe Stevenson. Both are accomplished grapplers with aggressive styles, but Stevenson more of a wrestling background, while Mishima is more of the submission artist. It should make for a very interesting fight, no matter who emerges the victor, the fans are certain to win from this match-up.

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