EXCLUSIVE Ben Askren’s ONE FC Blog, Part 2: Winding Up by Winding Down

Ben Askren Photo 4 (Credit to Louie Jabanag)

After the whirlwind media tour I did in week one, week two in Asia provided a nice slowdown. Actually, it was probably the slowest week I have had in years. When I am in the States, besides training, I am always preoccupied with running the Askren Wrestling Academies, setting up camps, doing private lessons, taking care of my dog and baby. It gets hectic and I love it.

But here is Singapore I don’t have any of those distractions, so I was able to kick back, train a bunch, catch up on some business, and read a bunch of books.

Ben Askren Books

I started off the week by training three times on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Got to hit pads with a few of the Muay Thai world champions like Chaowalith Jockygym and Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn and learn a few tricks. I also traded grappling techniques with a bunch of the high-level BJJ black belts on the Evolve MMA fight team like Leandro Ataides.

Since the fight is only a week away, I slowed it down on Thursday and Friday with only one practice each day.

I think as a fight nears, it is important to trust the fact that you are ready to fight and let your body heal and recuperate from a hard training camp. Too many people are obsessive and they don’t really trust their training, which is a self-defeating prophecy. I trust my training.

I took Saturday off, but filmed some videos for Evolve University, which is the largest online university for martial arts in the world; the link is here if anyone wants to check it out (https://www.evolve-university.com/). I also got to play a round of disc golf, which was AWESOME!

As soon as I woke up Sunday morning, the UFC was on and I got to watch my friend Daniel Cormier take care of business. He looked great and I can’t wait for his fight with JBJ. I was also caught very off guard by TJ Dillashaw absolutely manhandling Renan Barao; great win for him and Team Alpha Male! Then I went for a run and did some 400-meter sprints.

Only five days until I fight in front of 12,000 fans at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. I am pumped!

(Ben Askren Photo by Louie Jabanag)

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