Press Release
On October 8th, over a year after their last event, European Vale Tudo finally puts on another show. The cage fight event will be held, as usual, at Solnahallen, in Stockholm. EVT 5 will undoubtedly be a thrilling comeback, as it will feature no less than 4 4-man tournaments in one event! Dubbed EVT “Phoenix – the European Grand Prix 2005,” the event includes some of Europe´s most exciting MMA profiles, pitted in very exciting match-ups.

By: Tue K. Trnka – www.MMAReporter.dk

Instead of the usual fight card with single fights, the crew behind EVT (matchmaker and referee Marko Ervasti + promoter Carl Otto Knudsen) has decided to go for the spectacular tournament option. Outside of Pride´s GPs, tournaments are seldomly arranged, in the big events. But EVT now puts on a huge event, and with the name of “European GP” they once again put pressure on themselves. The fight card, though, justifies the name, as it´s full of top fighters. The 16 fighters, have been chosen from different backgrounds and from all over Europe, but most importantly all fighters are high level athletes.

10 countries are represented at this event, as France is represented by 3 fighters, Sweden and Finland by 2 fighters and Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain and Switzerland by 1 fighter, in these 4 tournaments. The 4 tournaments are held in the 4 weight divisions, -70 kilos, -76 kilos, -83 kilos and -91 kilos, with the winner from each semi final moving on to the final, where they will do war over the title as the European GP winner 2005.

Before the main event, there will be a spectacular amateur MMA event during the day, in the same arena, where 24 fighters will battle it out in 12 fights, in Cage Challenge 3. The EVT tickets are also valid for the CC 3 event, so for the hardcore MMA fans, this is a possibility to watch a true MMA marathon live!

Tournaments always include surprises, as there are a lot of x-factors involved. For instance, fighter A might beat fighter B on any given day, but if fighter A has had a gruelling, tough fight in the semifinal, while fighter B has had an easy job, fighter B suddenly holds a big advantage. The mental aspect of the game is also even more important in these tournaments, as the fighters has to concentrate 100% on the first fight, and if they win, then again on the next fight, as well as restituate as fast as possible. It´s devastating for the mentality of the fighters and injuries are also bound to affect the outcomes of the finals, as many suffer injuries and cuts of varying degree during their first fight. Therefore, it´s very difficult to predict who will win the tournament and how (or even against who). No matter what, though, drama is guaranteed.