Everyone is Asking Nicely for Nate Diaz to Please Make His UFC Return

December 24, 2017

Nate Diaz hasn’t fought since back-to-back bouts with Conor McGregor that ended with a loss in their second fight in August of 2016. 

He has turned everything the UFC has thrown his way, according to head honcho Dana White.

Diaz admitted as much during a recent podcast, noting that he was more than willing to come back and fight, he just wanted his due respect and to be asked nicely. 

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Well, it’s not clear if Diaz believes he is yet getting the respect he feels he deserves, but his fellow UFC fighters are asking nicely. 

Former kickboxing champion turned UFC star Gokhan Saki, who is currently on the mend, tweeted the following, asking quite politely if Diaz would return to the cage.

Following, Saki’s tweet, Urijah Faber blasted out the following on Instagram, sharing what appears to be plea from rising talent Sage Northcutt for Diaz to fight him. 

We’re not clear on the authenticity of Northcutt’s plea, but if it wasn’t him making the plea firsthand, whoever created the meme sure did a darn good job capturing Northcutt’s clean-cut nature.