Video: Take a look back at ESPN’s special on Cris Cyborg and the dangers of extreme weight cutting

(Courtesy of Cris Cyborg and ESPN)

A couple of years ago, Cris Cyborg was the focal point of an ESPN “Outside the Lines” special on the dangers of extreme weight cutting, particularly by UFC fighters and other mixed martial artists.

The dangers of weight cutting were highly under the microscope at that time, but the spotlight hasn’t moved on, as fighters continue to go to extreme measures to fight in lighter weight classes, although many, like Anthony Smith and Rafael Dos Anjos, have opted to fight closer to their natural weights.

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Cris Cyborg and her team recent re-uploaded the “Outside the Lines” special, hosted by Bob Levy and Will Cain, to her YouTube channel. With the dangers still lurking, it’s still an important episode to watch.