by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com

courtesy Warrior Wear)


After having just one fight over a 48-month stretch, Erin
Toughill has stormed back into women’s MMA with a vengeance.


Wins in her last two fights for the Palace Fighting
Championship, Toughill has placed herself firmly back on the map, and now looks
to continue her winning ways on Friday night against up and comer Emily


Still, even with her successful return, Toughill continues
to have to plow a tough road through success. But she doesn’t intend on
letting it get the better of her.


“I can say this camp has not been as easy as others, but
that’s how it rolls,” admitted Toughill. “Part of doing all this is being
strong enough to deal with the highs and lows of the physical part – as
well as the emotional stress – it can have on you.


“I have my eye on the ‘W’, though, so it’ll be fine.”


Even having dealt with everything going on in her life,
Toughill still has to fight Friday against Emily Thompson.


When asked what she feels about the match-up, she replied, “Nothing
about her per-say. I’m going to what I do when I fight MMA – and that’s


“I really have a different intensity coming into this fight.
Whether I KO her or submit her – it doesn’t matter – I’m just
going to win.”


Coming from former UFC middleweight title contender David
Terrell’s Nor Cal Fighting Alliance, Thompson’s strength lies in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,
leaving some to question her stand-up game.


Toughill addressed this possible flaw when she stated, “If
she’s supposed to be a BJJ girl, sure, I might try to exploit her weakness.
But if she thinks my weakness is BJJ, that’ll be funny.


“I won’t say what I’m going to do (strategy-wise), but I
out-edge her all around”


While not one to look beyond what’s in front of her, Toughill
is looking forward to putting this fight behind her and moving on to other


“It’s time to take a break and have the summer to relax,”
she commented. “My PFC contract is done, so now we wait for Strikeforce.”


As Toughill sees it, with a win on May 8, she will have
worked her way into a position to challenge the top fighters at the 145-pound


“I have fought and beaten a lot of great women,” she told
MMAWeekly.com. “Now I see it as finally being in the right place at the right
time, and getting my chance to finally shine on the big stage.


“If they’re going to make a 145-pound belt, I’m a top
contender for that title. Apparently at 145 pounds, Gina (Carano) is No. 1,
Cyborg (Cristiane Santos) is No. 2 and I’m No. 3 – sounds like common
sense to me.”


Through all the tough times, Toughill remains persistent in
her pursuit of becoming the best female fighter in the world. A goal she hopes
to take another step towards on this coming Friday in Lemoore.


“Thanks to the Elite Training Center in Redondo Beach, Brian
R., John Marsh and Josiah Doby,” closed out Toughill. “Thanks to my homeboy
King Mo (Lawal) – we were kicking it Dallas style and having fun.


“In June or July check out ‘Time Warp’ on the Discovery
Channel; Kenny Florian, the Camarillo brothers and I just shot a segment for it
on MMA and it will be amazing! Thanks to Warrior Wear and MMAAgents for
looking out, and check me out May 8 at the PFC and on www.ErinToughill.com.”