Erick Silva Paid Win Money Following UFC 142

January 15, 2012

It was supposed to be a night of celebration for Erick Silva after picking up his second win inside the Octagon, but a call from the referee overturned things, handing the young Brazilian a disqualification loss instead.

Silva tagged opponent Carlo Prater early in the first round and after a series of hammer fists, the fight was stopped and the Brazilian looked like was now 2-0 with two fights not even making the one minute mark.

Referee Mario Yamasaki swooped in after the stoppage however and said that Silva’s strikes were to the back of the head, making them illegal, and decided to disqualify him and switch the win to his opponent Carlo Prater.

Replays showed that multiple shots were landed by Silva, but mostly to the side of Prater’s head after the initial knockdown.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan even took Yamasaki to task in the Octagon, interviewing him after his decision, and showing the replay with the shots that were thrown by Silva. Still the referee’s decision stands, and Silva is handed a loss.

The silver lining to the story is that Silva will still be paid his win money from the fight, despite being handed the loss by the referee. UFC officials confirmed on Sunday that Silva will be paid his full salary for UFC 142 even with a loss on his record.

“Everyone here knows that wasn’t intentional,” Silva said after the fight. “I don’t know what else to say.”

The paycheck doesn’t erase the loss, but at least it prevents any financial suffering after what seemed to be a bad call by the referee.

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