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We saw three fighters eliminated last week on the debut of Ultimate Fighter Season 2. What should we expect tonight? Here’s brief preview.

Episode 2 – The Teams Are Picked
Air date: 8/29/2005

The coaches make their choices and Team Hughes battles Team Franklin in the first challenge. The opening fight of the season is a knockout brawl between two welterweights.

On the last episode of The Ultimate Fighter 2…

Episode 1 – A New Crop
Air date: 8/22/2005


Eighteen of the best up-and-coming fighters arrive at the Ultimate Training Center in Las Vegas and size up their competition. Nine welterweights and nine heavyweights will compete for two contracts with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC President Dana White welcomes them and introduces Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin, two of the greatest fighters in the world, who will coach them for the next eight weeks. Dana tells them that the next 48 hours will be a brutal evaluation period in which they will be tested mentally and physically. At the end of the two-day evaluation, they will determine who the weakest fighter is in each weight class and send those fighters home.

The fighters are taken to the Ultimate Fighter House where they will live together for the next two months. After exploring the house, Luke Cummo takes his mattress off the bed and uses a compass to align his bed facing north. His roommates ask what he’s doing and he explains that sleeping that way will ensure that the Earth’s electromagnetic energy is flowing through his body properly.

After dinner welterweight Melvin Guillard boasts to the other competitors that he is the best fighter in the house, capable of taking out anyone in either weight class.


The fighters are driven to the Ultimate Training Center for the first day of evaluation. They talk about what an odd guy Luke Cummo is and give him the nickname “Skywalker”. Coaches Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin put them through a brutal workout, testing their boxing, wrestling and Jujitsu skills as well as evaluating their overall athletic conditioning. The fighters struggle to complete the session and leave the gym totally exhausted. Some of them carry cuts from boxing and other war wounds. Heavyweight Kerry Schall twists his knee and is taken away in an ambulance.


At the hospital, a doctor examines Kerry Schall’s knee and tells him it isn’t broken. But he will need to see an orthopedic surgeon and get an MRI to get his knee fully diagnosed. He returns to the house on crutches where his fellow competitors are recovering from the work out, icing their injuries.

Eli Joslin, who struggled through the first day of evaluation, complains to the others that he’s not feeling well and is having serious doubts about staying in the competition. He asks to meet with Dana White and the coaches to talk about his situation. They tell him he shouldn’t walk away from this opportunity. They encourage him to hang in there and give it a shot. Rich tells Eli he should sleep on it and they’ll see him at the gym tomorrow.


Eli gathers all of the fighters in the house to tell them he’s leaving the show. Everyone says; that if he is serious about becoming a professional fighter, he would be crazy to give up on this so early. They remind that there are hundreds and hundreds of other fighters out there that wanted his spot in this competition and he can’t throw it away. Eli says it’s just not for him, and his decision is final. To the disgust of many of the fighters, Eli leaves the show.

In the morning, Kerry Schall has his knee checked out by an orthopedic surgeon. Returning to the house he tells the guys that the results of an MRI will determine whether or not he needs surgery. If the operation can be put off he’ll continue with the competition.

Later in the day, Dana White gathers all the fighters in the gym. The results of Kerry’s MRI have come in and he has torn the cartilage in his knee. He needs surgery and is eliminated from the competition. He says that with Kerry and Eli gone the weakest heavyweight has been determined for them. But they still need to eliminate the weakest welterweight. Dana surveys the fighters and calls out Kenny Stevens as the weak link in his weight class. Kenny thinks he’s automatically eliminated, but Dana tells him he’s willing to give him an opportunity to fight for a chance to stay in the competition. Dana tells him to immediately pick out whom he wants to fight. Kenny chooses Sammy Morgan. They immediately weigh-in and it’s determined that Kenny has to cut 20 pounds to be on weight for his fight.


Coach Rich Franklin lays out a plan for helping Kenny cut his weight. He takes Kenny and fellow fighters, Jorge Gurgel and Anthony Torres to the Las Vegas YMCA to work out in a sauna. Kenny’s teammates and coach stick by his side and help him through a painful night of trying to sweat off those 20 pounds. Kenny falters somewhat during the weight cutting, but ends up goes to bed on target for the weigh-in.


In the morning Kenny resumes his weight cutting with Rich, confident he’ll make it. But during his final stretch in the sauna he tells Rich he can’t take it anymore and quits with just a few pounds to go. Rich is bitterly disappointed that Kenny lacks the mental strength to hang in there and make weight for the fight.

The other fighters arrive at the UFC Training Center for the weigh-in. Dana White has Kenny explain his reasons for quitting to the other fighters then sends him home. Dana is angry at the lack of heart shown by quitters Eli and Kenny. He reminds the others that every professional fighter deals with injuries and weight cutting, and he’s not going to listen to anybody whine about it. Down three fighters, three days into the competition, Dana tells the group to set the tone for the rest of the competition. If they don’t think they have what it takes to be in a fighter in the UFC they need to let him know, now.