by Mick Hammond – MMAWeekly.com
After years of hard work and struggle, Enoch “The Animal” Wilson is finally getting the opportunity to headline a card in a championship main event fight to be broadcast live on television. He steps into the Sportfight ring Friday night to defend his featherweight title against Mike Joy on HDNet.

Having spent much of his career as a fighter that more-established opposition had sought to use to elevate themselves; Wilson is now the champion, the one that’s expected to draw the crowd and be the man.

And he’s basking in every minute of it.

“There is the pressure, but it’s great for me,” exclaimed Wilson. “I’m excited, I love it and I have an unfillable sweet tooth for this.

“There’s no negative pressure whatsoever. I can’t wait to showcase my newfound talents, so the pressure is a positive pressure if any at all.”

His excitement for his match-up with Joy is multi-fold. On the physical side of things, Wilson says it cannot be better.

“I’ve got a buddy of mine helping me with nutrition and I’m getting my weight down properly,” he stated. “So I’m coming in big, strong and in the best shape of my life. Mike’s in trouble.”

And on the psychological side, the opportunity to get revenge is always a welcome thought for Wilson.

“Who doesn’t want to avenge every loss that they’ve ever had,” he inquired. “He beat me, he caught me fair and square in an arm bar, but I was taking it to him. I split his chin open, tossed him, but I got too aggressive and he caught me.

“He had two years jiu-jitsu experience over me then, and I’ve caught up now. Needless to say, he’s in trouble.”

As for the rematch, Wilson is expecting nothing less than an exciting, action packed fight.

“He’s definitely a worthy adversary,” he said. “He’s a good guy. I like Mike, he’s a cool cat. It’s nothing personal, it’s always business, and I’m coming in there hard and heavy.

“I’m ready to shred. I’m in great shape, and I see some holes in his game that I’m going to exploit the night of the fight. I’m ready to go and prove to people why I’m the main event.”

Wilson is seeking to use this fight, and a recent change in management, to set the table for a year that can bring the stability in a promotion that he’s long wanted since he got into the sport.

“I’ve just signed on with Matt Lindland as my manager and I’m just kind of taking it one fight at a time,” he commented. “It sounds like he’s got some things going on for me.

“Maybe Palace Fighting Championships, maybe WEC, maybe EliteXC, who knows? But I’m coming with extreme vengeance for anybody I get matched with.”

Friday night live on HDNet, Enoch Wilson gets his chance to defend his 145-pound title in front of a national audience, and make a claim for himself to being one of the division’s fiercest and most exciting competitors.

“I want to thank Vicious Fight Gear, Gladiator Fight Wear, and Boones Ferry Chiropractic & Message,” closed out Wilson. “Thanks to Matt Lindland, Team Quest, Scott McQuary, OJJ (Oregon Jiu-Jitsu), and of course, my main motivational factor, my daughter, Bella Grace, I love you.

“If you haven’t seen me fight, come out and see why they call me ‘The Animal.’ It’s going to be a brutal, exciting fight. Mike Joy’s tough, but he’s not tough enough. You’re going to see me come out on top.”