Elias Theodorou Plans to Expand Ring Boy Brand with More Fighters and a Calendar

Elias Theodorou was absolutely serious when he said he not only wanted to be a ring card boy but he planned on performing the job as often as time would allow.

It was just a few months ago when the former “Ultimate Fighter” winner revealed plans to become the first ring boy for the all-women’s mixed martial arts promotion after initially testing the waters with his idea in Canada.

Theodorou responded to recent criticisms over sports leagues using ring card girls a pair of organizations in England stopped the practice just recently. Theodorou didn’t see it as a form of objectification because everybody serving as a ring card girl was there voluntarily and getting paid to do a job.

So for the sake of equality, Theodorou decided to take it upon himself to show that men could also become ring boys, which he has already done on two occasions including the Invicta 28 show in March.

“It was even better than I expected. Everyone was really supportive from the Invicta team to the fans to everyone online for the most part,” Theodorous said aobut his ring boy experience. “It was a great experience and so good that we’re doing it again. The game plan is that this isn’t a one off.Elias Theodorou

“I already have another two or three events scheduled because I know when Invicta will be doing their next events. Excited to do this many times over the course of the year.”

Theodorou not only plans to keep himself busy with ring boy activities, but he hopes to expand the brand to invite more male fighters to do the job with plans to also shoot a 12-month calendar that will be released as well.

“That’s exactly what I want to do. In addition to my next ring boy endeavor, I have my fight coming up on May 27 in Liverpool so I’m going to be focusing on those two things for a little bit but moving forward the game plan is to not only reach out to other fighters to put a stable of ring boys but also a calendar,” Theodorou explained.

“Now that I own the trademark to ring boy, there’s an opportunity to create a ring boys of MMA and have myself and 11 other UFC fighters prominently displayed. Who wouldn’t want to see Derrick Lewis as Mr. July?”

Theodorou is also prepared to address the subject during his next fight week later this month when he’s in England for UFC Fight Night in Liverpool where he faces Trevor Smith in the featured bout on UFC Fight Pass.

Because a pair of prominent sports in England dropped the ring card girls just recently, Theodorou has already spoken at length about his feelings on the subject but he’s excited to be there in person to spread his message of equality with the ring card boy movement.

“It did catch fire in England because of the fact of that ring card holders have been banned from darts and Formula-1 so there was already some hype in that capacity,” Theodorou said.

“There are obviously male and female fighters and now there’s an opportunity to have a male ring card boy as well. I’m trying to show that in the true pursuit of equality the answer is more not less.”