Eilers Out For 6-8 Months, Maybe More..

by Ryan Bennett

Justin Eilers at UFC 57

Justin Eilers at UFC 57

It will probably go down as the single most injuries sustained in one fight in the history of the UFC by one fighter. The news yesterday did not get any better for Justin Eilers.

MMAWeekly has leaned that the news was NOT good as Eilers received his test results back yesterday. Eilers learned that he tore both minuscus in his knee and he has no ACL whatsoever. This is on top of two broken hands, a broken nose, and a badly sprained ankle.

MMAWeekly is hearing that he will be out for a minimum of 6 to 8 months and he could be out a year. Right now the options for Eilers is to use a hamstring from a cadaver to replace it.

Eilers also said that he does want to come back from all the injuries and once he does, that he will cut weight and fight in the Light Heavyweight division at 205.