Efrain Escudero Off BAMMA 7 Card This Weekend

September 5, 2011

Efrain Escudero UFC 114

Efrain Escudero

Efrain Escudero has been forced off of this weekend’s BAMMA 7 card, and is out of the fight with Tim Radcliffe.

According to the former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner visa issues prevented his travel to England on Monday, and with issues not being able to be resolved until later in the week, Escudero and his management opted out of the fight.

“Apparently they couldn’t fly me in, in time, they wanted to fly me up on Thursday and I would get there Friday at 1 o’clock and there’s no way,” Escudero told MMAWeekly.com on Monday.

“They said it was a visa issue, they couldn’t, I really don’t know the full scale about it. They said it was a visa issue.”

Escudero stated that all the paperwork seemed in order including his passport and all necessary identification, but concerns continued to exist up through Monday when he was supposed to travel overseas.

While Escudero is off the BAMMA 7 card because of the travel situations, he says he will still plan on being a part of BAMMA 8 later this year. The Arizona based fighter signed a 3-fight deal with the promotion earlier in 2011.

Escudero admitted he was disappointed that things turned out the way they did, but after a full training camp and preparation for this weekend, he’s ready to step into the cage as soon as possible.

“I’m off the card completely, looking to book another fight somewhere cause I’m ready to fight,” Escudero said.

There’s been no word at this time if Tim Radcliffe will remain on the BAMMA card this weekend. MMAWeekly.com will have more information when it becomes available.

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